Kenny Mayne Says ESPN Isn't Left-Wing On-Air; Here are 10 Contradicting Examples

Former ESPN "SportsCenter" host Kenny Mayne, who is trying to fit in with the woke cool kids, hosted Jemele Hill on his podcast last week to call ESPN a racist and conservative organization.

Sitting there enthralled while Hill spread lies, Mayne proclaimed that ESPN "talents" might be left-wing, but only on their own time—not on ESPN's time.

“We might be ‘left-leaning,’ if you will, as opposed to right-leaning, but that was in our personal time or on our Twitter when we were allowed to express ourselves,” Mayne told Hill. “Never did you come on the air and go ‘I stand against Donald Trump,’ like that didn’t happen.”

Hmm. Mayne can't find any examples of ESPN spewing left-wing politics on-air, huh? To help him out, we compiled a list.

Unfortunately, I could only pick 10 on-air examples to avoid the list going on and on and on.

Hope this helps, Kenny:

Possible Chinese stooge J.A. Adande said red state voting laws are just as bad as the CCP torturing, raping, and killing Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang region of China.

Sarah Spain called five Tampa Bay Rays players "bigots" for not wearing the gay pride logo on their uniforms because of their religious beliefs.

Spain went on to call religion "BS."

Wife-beater Howard Bryant published an anti-America, January 6-focused, race-baiting column on the ESPN homepage on July 4.

Dan Le Batard attacks Donald Trump, and his employer, in support of Democrat representative Ilhan Omar.

Creepy Elle Duncan interrupted a college basketball game to demand the sexual indoctrination of third graders by using progressive talking points.

Creepy Elle Duncan (again) used ESPN's studio, equipment, and producers to demand that "girl dads" speak up so that their daughters can have abortions in all 50 states.

Before Stephen A. Smith kicked him off "First Take," Max Kellerman declared that Donald Trump supporters are "susceptible to very low-quality information and easy to propagandize and almost immune to facts."

Kellerman also pushed a conspiracy that says "extremist right-wing agitators" are largely responsible for BLM riots and are pinning it on black people.

A privileged 27-year-old NBA host cried on television and pounded the desk during NBA Draft coverage.

Why did Malika Andrews cry? Because the Supreme Court ruled in favor of giving abortion rights back to the states.

Stephen A. Smith lied about the Jan. 6 death toll while defending the BLM riots.

I didn't even get into all the times that failed TV and radio host Bomani Jones spread left-wing propaganda on ESPN's airwaves.

But, hopefully, this list helps ease the confusion for Kenny Mayne and the victim Jemele Hill.