Kelce, Kittle Get New Deals, Which Franchise Did Better?

The defending Super Bowl champs and runners up both announced extensions with their star tight ends. Travis Kelce locked up on a four-year, $57 million deal and George Kittle for five-years, $75 million.

Both monster deals, but which of these teams did better?

Considering Mahomes' monster deal north of $500 million, the Chiefs keeping his favorite target in KC was harder to manage. Locking Kelce up long-term shows the Chiefs haven't paid great money for good players. NFL money always seems to run short when you pay replaceable talent big dollars.

The George Kittle-49ers marriage should prove to be worth every penny, but the deal robs the team of flexibility if they choose to move on from Jimmy G. The Super Bowl runners-up clearly had a flawless roster outside of their QB down the stretch.

The 49ers shouldn't be crucified for spending big on surrounding pieces on the roster...they had to. The NFL usually forces teams overpaying at QB to compound the problem by spending big elsewhere. That's not the 9ers, or Kittle's problem...It's a Jimmy G problem.

The league continues to make it easier for offenses to play between the hashmarks, so breaking the bank on a dynamic tight end seems appropriate.


The Chiefs win this duel because frankly, how impressive is Kansas City for being able to sign Patrick Mahomes, Tyrann Mathieu, Chris Jones and now Travis Kelce? Not fair.

KC's ability to lock up their stars with Andy Reid at the helm should solidify a dynasty.

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