Kanye West Says SoFi Cancelled Concert In L.A. After Tucker Interview; Stadium Says Agreement Never In Place

Kanye West posted on Instagram that SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles canceled his upcoming concert shortly after Fox News aired his interview with Tucker Carlson.

"My Sofi Stadium show on November 4th just got canceled. I wonder if it had something to do with my White Lives Matter tee, what y’all think?" West posted on Thursday.

He attached screenshots of a person named Niklas Bildstein -- more on him in a bit -- telling him SoFi scratched the concert due to an "inability to staff the event."

"I just got news from Vaughn, that Sofi isn’t available any longer due to inability to staff the event on the current notice. I’ve already asked twice to investigate further if there’s anyway to make it happen regardless, but they got back with a firm no," the screenshot of the text reads.

It would be quite the coincidence that a stadium happened to realize it could not staff West's concert just moments after he appeared on Tucker Carlson's program. Each of the ideas West promoted on FNC could get one canceled in a hurry, from his support of Donald Trump to his distaste for the BLM organization.

However, the story took an interesting turn this morning. OutKick spoke to a SoFi Stadium official who told us on the record that SoFi "never had an agreement in place to host Kanye West's concert" on Nov. 4, and therefore did not cancel the date.

For reference, there is no record of SoFi previously listing the concert on its website under the "upcoming events" tab.

SoFi stressed it never spoke to Niklas Bildstein, despite him telling West otherwise in the above text message Thursday.

In fact, SoFi said it was unfamiliar with Bildstein until West posted the screenshot. A profile from Vogue describes Bildstein as an art director who knows West well.

Got all that? Because someone is lying.

West, Bildstein, and SoFi have all put their names on their version of the story.

West says he had an agreement to perform at the stadium on Nov. 4. SoFi says never was there an agreement with West. Meanwhile, Bildstein says there was an agreement and a cancelation.

We report; you decide.

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