Kamala Harris' Bluetooth-Phobia May Be Her Only Positive

This week, Politico sent its reporters on a crucial expedition. So like the proper employees that they are, the staff investigated Kamala Harris' headphone choices. Politico, after hours of contemplation, concluded that Harris is Bluetooth-phobic.

In short, Harris doesn't like AirPods -- she's afraid of them. Three former campaign aides said that Harris has long felt that Bluetooth headphones are a security risk. So to avoid Bluetooth entirely, Harris answers her phone with wired headphones.

Politico's suspicions arose back in 2020 after Harris congratulated Joe Biden on their -- not his -- victory.

"We did it, Joe," Harris said when news outlets officially declared Harris/Biden victorious.

"In the oft meme-d video of Harris calling JOE BIDEN last November to congratulate him on winning the election, she can be seen holding the tangle of wires from her headphone," the outlet writes.

Harris wore the same headphones, at least the same model, in a recent interview with The View.

Before you mock Harris -- as I have -- consider this: she may be onto something.

Trendsetters are also growing increasingly wary of AirPods. Last month, the Wall Street Journalfound that wired headphones have re-emerged in popularity, but the meteoric rise may have hurt the product along the way. AirPods are now too popular to be cool.

"AirPods have become too widespread to be cool," the WSJ reports. "So, perhaps inevitably, contrarian trendsetters are reviving some ancient technology: corded headphones. Fashionable young celebrities including Bella Hadid, Lily-Rose Depp and Zoë Kravitz have been photographed strutting around town with blatantly corded headphones.

"An Instagram account called @wireditgirls has sprung up to document these cords in the wild. And TikTokers record videos that offer both practical reasons and more philosophical justifications for plugging back in."

Plus, who knows -- maybe spies are listening in on our Bluetooth conversations? Even those late-night Friday tell-alls.

Kamala Harris is a horrific VP, a "bully," a "soul-destroying" boss, and an unpleasant character. However, her Bluetooth phobia is a positive.

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