Josh McCown Still In The NFL, John Daly's Son Is Looking Like Dad & Durant To The Bucs?

It's finally here -- a legit week of football

You've been waiting for it. I've been waiting for it. We've all just been sitting here waiting to be transfixed on pigskin and it all gets started tonight with BYU-Navy. I'm so jacked for football that I was up this morning at 4:30 due to thunderstorms rolling through and started watching The U-BYU from 1990 to get in the mood for tonight's Mormons vs. Seamen showdown. You forget just how huge the shoulder pads were 30 years ago. It's a miracle some of those wide receivers were as fast as they were considering the shoulder pads and the length of the grass in Provo, Utah.

It was a great weekend for a Las Vegas gambler from Connecticut. The card player won $552,282 with a 7-card straight flush jackpot on a Face Up Pai Gow table. The winning draw hit Saturday night at Paris Las Vegas, according to a Caesars Entertainment spokesperson. Some of you guys know my rules for big hits like this, some don't, so I'll repeat it. GET ON THE FIRST FLIGHT AVAILABLE AFTER TRANSFERRING THE MONEY TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT. DO NOT DRINK AT THE AIRPORT. DO NOT PLAY SLOTS AT THE AIRPORT. Reset your brain back at home before going back into a casino.

In NFL news, Cam Newton is acting like he's hit the franchise motherlode thanks to the Patriots signing him. He's calling it a "match made in heaven," and he gets to play against the AFC East. Those of you crushing Cam for signing there could be in trouble.

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