Johnny Manziel Opens Up About New Life Away From Football

Johnny Manziel was in Lubbock, Texas over the weekend where he participated in a golf event and sat down with local columnist Don Williams for an interview that ended up shedding light on what life is like these days for the 27-year-old former NFL quarterback. The money quote from the interview has to be: "“In the past, probably, is the way I’d characterize it,” Johnny said about his football life.

And there you have it, the unofficial official retirement quote from Johnny Football. If you didn't think it was all over when Manziel said he wouldn't bother with the XFL, you should have all the evidence you now need to know Johnny Football is officially a past life for the college legend.

Johnny has moved on to becoming a 2-handicap golfer from around an 8. “I had a great time,” Manziel said. “Anytime I ever stepped between the lines, I had an amazing time. I gave it everything I had," he told Williams. However, Johnny admits when he was drafted he didn't put in the time to be a great player for the Cleveland Browns.

Positives he takes with him the rest of his life include:

• Unlimited revenue signing autographs on Heisman items

• The eventual rebrand that will come as he ages; Johnny Football fans will turn 40 and he'll be selling them cars, you can take that to the bank; maybe a Geico commercial in 2030?

• Johnny told Don Williams he doubts football-related dementia will be an issue down the road

• He never suffered a broken bone on the field

• He's golfing all the time in Arizona

• He's no longer married

From the sound of it, Johnny Manziel's unofficial retirement is the retirement you've always been dreaming of.

Johnny Cliff Diver earlier this year in Arizona:


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