Johnny Cash Water Tower Takes Bullet To Privates, Springs A Leak

Johnny Cash is peeing all over Kingsland, Arkansas.

Or at least it appears as such.

A silhouette of The Man in Black painted upon a water tower in Cash's birth town of Kingsland has sprung a leak, courtesy of a bullet hole between the legs.

When not spewing water from Cash's nether regions, the punctured tower holds 50,000 gallons of water. Now, the silhouetted Cash's propensity to relief himself at all hours of the day is attracting daily visitors and reportedly costing the city around $200 per day.

Watch Cash sprinkle in more than tunes in the video below, courtesy of WPTA News.

Located roughly 70 miles from Little Rock, the leaky tower was first noticed on May 10th. "Somebody shot our water tower, shot the silhouette of Johnny Cash in a very sensitive area," Kingsland mayor Luke Neal told FOX 16 News. "It’s been leaking for the last almost week."

Neal added that it will cost $5,000 to fix the leak and the person who shot Cash in the manhood remains at large. If caught, they could face a felony charge for tampering with public property.

Had the bullet connected with the real thing and not the water tower, Cash undoubtedly would've had to rework one of his more popular titles into Folsom Prison Black and Blues.


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