John Daly Snaps His Scotty Cameron, Alex Smith's Family Surprises Him & Don Mattingly's Mad

Here we's NFL pads day

Now let's see if the blue checkmarks try to kill off the NFL season. Something tells me the checkmarks will keep up their attack on college football and leave the NFL alone since college is such an easy target. They'll probably go back to the Tuscaloosa bar line photo today and really push that narrative to get the week rolling.

But don't think for a second the checkmarks aren't clutching their pearls waiting for COVID-positive NFL tests after these guys start hitting each other. A quick check of Florio's site this morning shows zero COVID headlines, but you know that's going to change as we get closer to that September 10 Texans-Chiefs game. Mike has at least one more scare week in his system.

Before we move on to the Death Valley temperatures, let's address this performance by Justin Fields. This kid's going to be an absolute hero in Ohio even if he can't save the college football season. At least he's fighting. He could've just folded up, headed off to Florida or wherever these future NFL picks will be training until the draft and go about life. Instead, he has 221,000 petition signatures and counting. He'll be signing autographs at Ohio malls for life after this is all said and done. Crush Ohio State fans all you want, but they'll remember this for a long time and Fields will benefit.

And finally, hope you didn't have any work planned in Death Valley. Sunday's high at Furnace Creek reached 130.  It's one of the stranger places you'll ever visit in February. Now add 40+ degrees and you have a very strange place where you wouldn't want the air con in your rental to go out. Be careful out there, you adventurists.

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