Joey Chestnut Keeps Winning, Sets Raising Cane's Chicken Finger Record

Less than a month after quieting the naysayers who said he couldn't win the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Competition with a busted wheel, American hero Joey Chestnut has again flashed his cape and dominated an eating competition.

Chestnut, looking trim as ever and as if he's had no lingering effects from downing 63 Fourth of July dogs, took on a Raising Cane's chicken finger challenge Wednesday and not only won, but set a world record while doing so. Chestnut earned the fried fowl consumption record by scarfing down 44 chicken fingers in just 5 minutes.

Maybe more impressive (alright, equally as impressive) than Chestnut's five minute caloric intake from the Las Vegas Strip was the fact that he went Babe Ruth prior to the event and called his shot. Chestnut captioned an Instagram photo Tuesday promoting the event by saying: "RECORDS WILL BE SET."

Chestnut, 38, picked an opportune time to display his eating dominance. Unquestionably the most famous and decorated competitive eater of all-time (you've been passed by Kobayashi!), Chestnut accomplished his most recent world record on National Chicken Finger Day.

How did you celebrate?

(photo c/o Raising Cane's)

By housing 44 fingers, Chestnut fell short of the pre-competition goal he sought of 50 crispy tenders. Though, even he previously admitted that would be a tall (and tasty) task.

"Fried food is a little bit harder because you can't water it down," Chestnut told Fox News Digital on Wednesday morning.

"But I have a technique down for chicken fingers. I've been training," he said. "The chicken is delicious. So that makes it easier."

After five minutes Joey Jaws had secured the record, he did the unthinkable and continued to chow down on the remaining fingers in front of him. The 15-time Mustard Belt winner apparently wanted to savor both the sweet taste of victory and fried chicken.