Joey Chestnut Finds Himself In A Hot Dog Hangover, Doesn't Feel 'Too Great'

If you're wondering if anyone else woke up this morning feeling as if their insides were rotting, their stomach growing and confused as to what day it is, wonder no more. Hot dog eating champ Joey Chestnut feels your pain.

After consuming 63 hot dogs (and buns) to claim his 15th Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest title and mixing in a choke slam along the way, Chestnut started his Tuesday considerably less than 100%.

“I don’t feel too great, but it’s like anything, a marathon runner doesn’t feel too great after a marathon. It will take me a day and a half to recover," Chestnut told NBC's "Today."

Not unlike so many others who spent the holiday weekend overindulging in their vice of choice, Chestnut recognized that he may literally be giving off a hint of his weekend's dealings to anyone nearby: “I probably smell like meat," admitted the champ.

Chestnut's title-winning wiener consumption gifted him another championship belt but simultaneously robbed him of any good shuteye. “I was having a hard time sleeping last night," Chestnut told the New York Post this morning. "I don’t remember any crazy dreams last night. It wasn’t the best sleep.”

At least he woke up champion.


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