Joe Rogan And Aaron Rodgers Talk 'Perverts' In Women's Locker Rooms

Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers just went off on how transgender activists have manipulated public debate to ensure no one can question inappropriate behavior. 

Rodgers appeared on the Joe Rogan Experience recently, where Rogan spoke in depth about a number of transgender-related issues, including how rich the medical profession is getting on transgender surgeries. The conversation started in part because Rogan brought up that even far-left media outlets like The New York Times have started to cover the absurdity of "gender-affirming care" for minors. As well as the horrifying story of a father being told he has no ability to stop his eight-year-old son from receiving puberty blockers.

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But he continued discussing how the push for unquestioning acceptance of "gender identity" is leading to "perverts and "sex offenders" being allowed into women's locker rooms.

"And now in 2024, everyone who is a man who thinks he's a woman is brave and amazing," Rogan said. "No one's sick. So you're allowing people that are absolutely perverts and sex offenders to go into women's locker rooms with a hard on and no one can say anything."

"And if you say something, they will protest your business and shut you down. There's no room for any nuance. There's no room for someone to say, hey, listen, for some people, there's clearly this thing in them that makes them feel like they're in the wrong body. And if we are compassionate and if we are kind, we would want that person to be able to express themselves in any way they want, makes them feel better that helps everybody. But also, there's perverts. But also, there's people that if they find out all they have to do is pretend they're a woman and they can go in the women's locker room and watch women change, they'll do that too. You see, I'm sure you've seen the guy in Canada, the 50-year-old man that identifies as a 15-year-old girl and got to change in the young girl's locker room and got to compete with these young girls."

Joe Rogan And Aaron Rodgers Rare Voices Of Sanity

It's obvious to anyone paying even the slightest bit of attention that Rogan is right about how "perverts" are manipulating transgender activism to infiltrate women's spaces. And that the perspectives shared are shared with overwhelming majorities of people in the United States.

But progressive politicians and terrified administrators continue to push for rules that open women's locker rooms up to anyone who calls themselves a woman. No matter how absurd or potentially dangerous it may be.

Just as how the surge of transgender athletes dominating female sports will continue unabated as long as its allowed, the rapid increase in concerning locker room incidents will continue until it's stopped. Many female athletes, such as Paula Scanlan have discussed openly how their concerns over locker room access for males was dismissed by left-wing athletics administrators.

Hopefully Rogan drawing more attention to the dangers of unchecked activism is the next step in limiting the harmful, unquestioning permissiveness that's rapidly become the norm.

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