Joe Biden Vows To Fix 'Unfair' Airline Legroom Fees For People of Color

Forget record-high inflation, raging crime, and gas prices. The President of the United States is ending racism in the form of legroom.

Wednesday, Biden spoke about combating inflation and lowering costs for families. He says his plan includes eliminating airlines' ability to charge consumers extra for legroom.

According to Biden, roomier airline prices are racist, and he's sick of it.

Projections for the 2022 midterms are bleak for Democrats. RealClearPolitics expect Republicans to take both the House and the Senate. But who knew such a dark outlook would cause the party to pivot to legroom equity?

It's unclear if Biden plans to lower legroom costs for all Americans or just the people of color he mentioned. We are asking for our friend Jesse Kelly, who is unusually tall:

"I’m more than happy to pay for extra leg room. Especially because every 5’8 guy on the planet runs to the exit row seats on Southwest as if his entire body doesn’t fit in the overhead compartment," Kelly tweets.


What about Knox County, Tennessee, Mayor Glenn Jacobs, a seven-foot former wrestler known as Kane? Would Biden's plan apply to oversized white people like Mr. Jacobs?

He'd like to know.

"I have long felt that airline seating is extraordinarily unfair to oversized people such as myself and warrants Federal intervention. Thanks to @POTUS for giving this crucial issue the attention it deserves. (For those lacking a sense of humor, this is called sarcasm)," Jacobs tweets.

We could take this moment to discuss the inherent issue with a political party that runs on the faulty premise that America is systemically racist. Such a claim lacks so much evidence that the party leader is now calling airline legroom racist.

Or we could laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Imagine telling someone five years ago that their president, two weeks away from midterm elections, would warn of racist "junk fees." The Left's demand for racism so clearly outstrips the supply.

President Biden continues to be the best type of fodder for satire. He's a living parody of a delusional puppet who assumes the most powerful position in the world.

If only "satirical" programs like "SNL" and "The Daily Show" were allowed to parody Biden, Democrats, and the gross obsession with race in America.

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