Terrible Golfer Joe Biden Is Jealous Of President Trump's Hard-Earned Club Championships

It's been a common notion in business that you can learn a lot about a man by the way he plays golf. Are they honest? How do they handle adversity? Are they mentally hard? Are they willing to see something through until the end?

That's why I believe it's essential to compare President Trump and President Biden, not just as leaders in the White House, but also as golfers. There's no better way to cut through to the very soul of a man than to observe how he carries himself on the golf course.

If you look up Joe Biden's official USGA golf handicap (GHIN), you will find that he claims to be a well above average 6.7, and yet some of the only video footage of Biden golfing shows the hapless hacker managing to hit his chip backward off a stone wall. 

No one in their right mind believes Joe Biden is a 6.7 handicap or capable of breaking 100 from the senior tees. I'm not convinced Sleepy Joe is even capable of finishing 9 holes. I certainly wouldn't welcome him into my Sunday foursome. But this goes deeper than just evaluating Biden's skill on the golf course; it's a question of character. What kind of man is so insecure with his own golfing ability that he would lie about it? Not the type of man I would trust to be the leader of the free world. As Tiger Woods says, "Achievements on the golf course are not what matters, decency and honesty are what matter." 

With that being said, President Trump routinely plays in LIV pro-ams and with professional golfers at several of his Major Championship-caliber Trump golf courses. This public golf life has resulted in the President regularly being caught on camera hitting bombs off the tee, draining long putts, and sniping pins with his irons and wedges. No one can deny that President Donald J. Trump is every bit of the scratch golfer he claims to be.

It's the aspirational dream of every amateur golfer to win just one club championship. I have been working tirelessly in the gym and on the driving range in pursuit of mine. President Trump on the other hand, has been racking up Club Championship trophies like it's nothing, winning two already this year. The 45th and soon to be 47th President has won more than TWO DOZEN club championships in his lifetime with no signs of slowing down.

So why has Joe Biden recently taken it upon himself to trash and belittle President Trump's monumental accomplishments on the golf course? The only answer I can come up with is jealousy and an inferiority complex.

Sleepy Joe knows he may have found himself in the Oval Office for 4 years of wreaking devastation on America, but he will NEVER know the feeling of victory in the Fieldstone Golf Club Men's Club Championship. Joe Biden will never know what it's like to hit the golf ball 285 yards off the tee directly into the center of the fairway. Joe Biden will never hit a hole-in-one with World Golf Hall of Famer Ernie Els present.

Joe Biden has been stuck spending time with Kamala and Jill while watching his tanking poll numbers and President Trump is having the time of his life on the golf course. It has to be eating away at him.

My advice to our failing President is to stop salivating over President Trump's golf game and to do something positive for the American people, like resigning in disgrace.