Joe Biden's Decline, Covid Mess Show That Mainstream Media Is Wrong And 'Wrong People' Are Right | Clay Travis

Just over a week ago, President Joe Biden delivered the worst presidential debate performance in the history of television. 

Yes, far worse than Richard Nixon in 1960, the televised debate that is most frequently referenced as historic in nature.  

Biden was so bad that after 90 minutes on stage, even many Democrats and left-wingers were in agreement with Donald Trump supporters: Joe Biden lacked the mental and physical fitness to be President of the United States. 

The Mainstream Media Remains In Blatant Denial Over Joe Biden's Mental (In)Capacity

Joe Biden claimed he was running to unite America back in 2020. Well congrats to him, he's now succeeded in uniting 75% of Americans in the belief that Biden doesn't have the mental or physical ability to be president now, much less for four more years.

Now Biden's physical and mental frailty is openly discussed, yet even a day before the debate no one at the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, or NBC would allow the argument to be made on their outlets that Biden was mentally and physically unable to do the job. 

Heck, on June 14 NBC News published an article where they attacked me as spreading fake news for sharing videos that showed Biden's mental and physical decline. 

The examples of this sudden change are legion, but my favorite is MSNBC propagandist Joe Scarborough who went from saying in late March that the 81-year-old version of Joe Biden was actually the best version of Biden there had ever been to a few weeks later saying it was a legitimate question whether Biden should be the 2024 nominee.

After the debate, Scarborough totally flipped his argument.  

The health discussion is so out in the open now that the New York Times even published a story acknowledging that a Parkinson's expert had visited the White House eight times in the past eight months. 

It's not crazy to argue that the cover-up of Joe Biden's mental and physical ability is the single greatest political crime, yes, crime, of our lives.

The Media's List of ‘Wrong People' Turned Out to be Right…

In the days since the debate we've heard a variety of excuses from the Biden campaign about why Joe was so bad on June 27: Biden had a cold, the make-up artist did a bad job, Joe's advisors overprepared him, CNN was unfair, Biden was jet-lagged and had traveled too much, Trump talked too loudly and lied too much, all of these excuses are attempts to explain away a truth that has been denied for the past several years: Joe Biden lacks the mental and physical ability to be President of the United States.

The newest left wing media story angle is that the Biden team hid the president's health issues from the press.

Hid them?!

There are dozens of viral videos of Joe Biden over the past several years -- videos where he asks whether dead people are at events, videos where he falls walking on a stage, videos where he falls climbing stairs, videos where he falls riding a bike, videos where he reads words on the teleprompter that aren't designed to be read  -- public videos that made it abundantly clear for years that Biden wasn't up to the job.

But the dam on all these stories only broke with the debate.

Why then?

And why nothing before then?

Especially since, and this is key, no one voting for Trump was remotely surprised by Biden's performance at the debate. Sure, it might have even been worse than we expected, but we all knew Biden wasn't up to the job and that his performance was likely to be bad. We knew that any time Biden's not on a teleprompter, and even sometimes when he is, he falls apart. That's why he'd done almost no in-depth interviews -- the fewest of any president in our lives -- and mostly has chosen not to take questions at press conferences -- also the fewest of our lives.

It remains to be seen what the lasting fallout from Biden's disastrous debate performance will be, but what I've spent a great deal of time thinking about over the July 4 holiday is this: how did we get here? How did we arrive at a point in American media when something that was readily apparent to at least half the country, if not three-fourths of it -- that Joe Biden wasn't able to do the job of president -- landed with such massive force on the left-wing media itself?

Media's Cover-Up of Crumbling Biden, COVID Aftermath Is Downright Shameful

Why did the Washington Post, the New York Times, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and MSNBC spend years telling us Joe Biden was fine -- including coining a new phrase "cheap fakes" to explain away videos that appeared to show Biden looking lost -- until they suddenly abandoned all pretense of this argument after a 90-minute debate? How did the world come crumbling down around the "elite" media so rapidly?

There's honestly an entire book to be written on the Biden coverage, but the thesis I've decided on that explains much of the past five years of our lives is this: the wrong people were right.

It's not just that the "elite" media was wrong, it's that the people they look down on were right about almost everything over the past several years.

Certainly since the arrival of Covid in early 2020, the legacy media outlets, the ones who give each other awards and talk about the importance of journalism have gotten almost every story that matters completely wrong.  

Consider the following major issues in this country over the past five years. These are issues, mind you, that aren't particularly political, at least not historically so. This isn't abortion or tax policy or immigration, things that you might expect to be intensely political. Many of our most contentious issues over the past several years don't even fit traditional left and right dynamics. Just in the past four years the "elite" media have been wrong to support the following:

  • Covid school lockdowns
  • shutting down "nonessential" businesses during Covid
  • refusing to allow sports to be played during Covid
  • refusing to allow a true debate on where Covid came from
  • masking
  • 6-foot social distancing
  • the authenticity of the Hunter Biden laptop
  • the efficacy of the Covid "vaccine" -- we are presently on the 10th shot this fall
  • Joe Biden's health

Looking At The Cold, Hard Truths The Media Fumbled

When I say "wrong" it's important to note, I mean wrong on the facts, as in indisputably on the wrong side of an issue that has a right and wrong factual basis attached to it. 

What tax rate American businesses should pay is, for instance, a complicated issue that doesn't lend itself to factual certainty. How to make medical bills less costly, again, a challenging political issue that is hard to distill down to one side being right or wrong. 

What's the appropriate age to begin social security payments for retirees? These are traditional issues that politicians debate. Because the economy is so large and multi-faceted and our presidential terms are relatively short, it's often hard to determine who was right or wrong on issues like these. It's also the case that traditional American political parties align in expected ways here, Republicans, in general, favor lower governmental taxation, for instance, while Democrats favor higher tax rates.  

But every one of the issues I listed above the "elite" media has been wrong and in every single one of them there weren't pre-conceived political sides.

It doesn't stand to reason based on political philosophies that shutting down schools filled with mostly minority students in cities would, for instance, be a huge staple of the Democrat party. Or that arguing a sitting president's health is a completely made-up story would become Democrat orthodoxy. 

These are issues that reasonable apolitical people could have analyzed and made rational decisions on that have virtually nothing to do with politics. Yet, the number of Trump voters who believe that masks are useful is virtually nonexistent. And the number of Democrat voters who believe that the Hunter Biden laptop is 100% real and shows evidence of the Biden family's misbehavior is virtually nonexistent too.

Yet, again, these aren't particularly political issues when you examine the facts.

If anything, we should have a bipartisan Covid committee desperately pursuing the truth, for instance, just like we did after 9/11. 

Just like no one is in favor of terror attacks shouldn't we all oppose anti-science decision-making by bureaucrats that threatens to destroy our economy? Shouldn't we do everything we can to avoid making the same mistakes over and over again?  

Yet the people these "elite" media hate, the great unwashed masses of deplorable Trump supporters have, to a large extent, been right on all of these issues. That is, if you'd had to choose whether to listen to the average Dollar General store clerk in a small town in a red state or to the most highly educated reporter at the New York Times on Covid, you'd have been better off listening to the average Dollar General store clerk.

At least if you wanted to live a normal life and make rational choices to allow you to continue that normal life.

The Dollar General store clerk (probably) never stopped working, his or her kid missed a limited amount of-in-person school, there were no social distancing or mask mandates in their community, churches, gyms and parks were all open by May of 2020 and life, by and large, did not change that much. Compare that with the average New York Times reporter who lived in New York City. Who do you think handled Covid better?

The less elite, the less well-educated, the red state denizens.

(The argument will be made that red states lost more people to Covid. First, that often isn't true on a per capita basis in many states, Florida, for instance. But what this data often tells you is that red state residents have higher rates of health. We tend to be more overweight, for instance, than the average blue state resident. Yes, in the South, we could all lose some weight, but Covid outcomes were really just a function, to a large degree, of age and health in underlying communities. There wasn't much that could be done to keep a virus from spreading. All of it was cosmetic theater, including many actions -- remember the plexiglass at checkout -- that actually made things worse.)  

This also applies when it comes to Joe Biden's health.

Who was likely to be the most surprised by the debate on June 27, the average Clay and Buck radio listener or the average Washington Post subscriber?

It's no contest, right? Our radio audience, listening for free on AM and FM stations across the country, was better informed by us on Biden's health than the people who subscribe to the newspaper that claims to cover politics better than any in the country.  

Which is why this is a very key point to hammer home. It wasn't just that the elite experts in media who were wrong, it's that the people they looked down on were right: the wrong people were right about almost everything over the past five years from Covid to Biden's health. And the right people, the elite in media, were wrong on everything.

As a result of the great unwashed masses being right, the left wing media doubled, tripled and quadrupled down on their wrongness. They hired new fact-checkers, invented words like misinformation and disinformation, made words like "grifting" into brand-new insults, all in an effort to desperately change the rules and make themselves right.

Yet They Still Got Everything Wrong…

As I said on my shows recently, if you were told for months by the people that you read and listen to that Trump was going to be ineligible to run for president based on the logic of the state of Colorado's removal of him from the ballot, and then your side lost 9-0 at the Supreme Court, shouldn't you pick new media people to follow?

All of these "elite" reporters from "elite" colleges have gotten everything completely and totally wrong. (Protests against Israel also, overwhelmingly, took place on the most expensive and highest level of "elite" colleges too. And the more "elite" the media, the more they defended Hamas. Indeed the more highly educated you are, the more likely you were to be wrong on all these stories, it hasn't ended yet.)

A moment of psychological analysis here: if you work at one of these large journalistic companies you probably don't make that much money in the grand scheme of things. You live in expensive cities and struggle for your families to live well there. Unless your family, or your spouse, is wealthy, you seethe with resentment over your own compensation because you can't afford the lifestyle you crave, the one you see others living. So how do you define yourself? What is your cachet? You define yourself as smarter than most people, more committed to the truth. Your own intelligence is what you lead with. Sure, maybe you aren't rich, maybe you aren't living the life you hoped you would live when you went to college and paid over $100,000 for your degree, but at least you're still smarter than everyone else. You are, at least in their own narratives they build in their minds on the right side of history.

Except, uh oh, you actually ended up on the wrong side of history.

You bought into the idea that Donald Trump was Hitler, that anything you did to stop Hitler from being the president was the right decision.

And maybe you skated on being wrong on Covid by trying to make it look like everything you did was in the fog of war -- now they say, "how could we have all known?" -- when all you have to do is check the archives of OutKick and you see that all the data you needed was always there for the taking. But that's how they justify Covid. Even doctors were wrong! We just erred in listening to the wrong people. The experts aren't perfect!

But, at long last, finally, the left wing talking points became too much, it wasn't Covid that broke them, it was the debate.

You couldn't be a smart person AND also argue that Joe Biden was okay to be president after the latest debate.

That was a bridge too far, a trip on the crazy town express that even MSNBC's Joy Reid declined to take.

That was the straw that broke the woke camel's back, the moment when some of these people had to consider, "Wait, what if we are the actual bad guys, what if we're actually the people on the wrong side of history?"  

I'm going to talk more about the Biden debate coverage in a moment, but first I want to return to the list above and focus on one issue in particular that shouldn't have been political but was -- was it safe to play sports during Covid?

Long time readers of OutKick will know that I fought harder to play sports -- and open schools -- than I've fought on any issue in my entire media career. You can go back and read my coverage, you can listen to it, you can examine it all. No one in American sports media fought harder on their public platforms for us to play sports in the summer of 2020 than me. Just about every sports media member you follow was on the opposite side, they were screaming that sports had to be shut down, that it was too dangerous to play any sport at all.

Now most of these guys and gals have pretended that era never happened. But it was this Covid fight that has led me to the jobs I have today. If Covid had never happened, I might still be doing sports talk radio in the mornings, appearing on a daily sports gambling show, and writing anonymous mailbags on this site. Indeed some of you reading this column right now might well have liked when I did those things instead of what I do now -- co-host the biggest radio show in the country, appear daily on Fox News, and share my opinions on every issue under the sun, whether it's the new "Game of Thrones" spinoff or what I think about Texas and Oklahoma to the SEC, and analyzing Joe Biden's debate performance.

I get it.

Some of you want me to just go back to doing SEC drinking games.

You still email me that. Heck, sometimes I wish I could go back to all of that too. But when you see the country collapsing around you, being upset with a third-down play call feels a bit less important.

Which is why I'm still not over what they did to us during Covid.

No one has paid a price for it.

Worse, many people have gotten PROMOTIONS.

Dr. Fauci, who I believe should be in prison, has made tens of millions since Covid happened. Far from consequences, he's been rewarded!

But I use the sports media and Covid as our jumping off point here because I think it's instructive to understanding the larger media ecosystem, to comprehending how we got to Joe Biden on the stage unable to speak on the debate stage, essentially. To having a dementia patient, in my opinion, in the White House. To covering what flags the Supreme Court justice's wife flew outside her home years ago more aggressively than whether the president has dementia.  

In 2020 you guys remember the people who applauded the Big Ten and Pac 12 shutting down their sports seasons, the media members who told you if we played football that lots of players and coaches would die, have any of them ever admitted to being wrong about all of that? Have any of them ever acknowledged the depths of their wrongness? Of course not. They've just gone on and pretended Covid never happened.

Heck, the same fall that they demanded football be shut down, the same reporters TRAVELED TO GAMES AND SAT IN PRESS BOXES TO WRITE ABOUT THE GAMES.

Even I still can't get over that.

And no one ever asked them how they could believe it wasn't safe to play football, but it was safe for THEM TO TRAVEL AND SIT IN AN ENCLOSED AREA TO WRITE ABOUT FOOTBALL! Especially when you could have just watched the game on TV and written about it.

How did it happen that an entire industry -- the sports media, an industry whose entire existence depended on games being played -- advocated for no games to be played based on a virus that bore no danger at all to any athletes or coaches healthy enough to be engaged and employed in athletics? And almost no one other than Outkick was willing to call out this absurdity?

Literally in the entire sports media ecosystem, we were the only site arguing this. (Now we're the only sports site arguing men shouldn't be able to pretend to be women, which is also completely insane.)  

OutKick Was On a Sports Media Island When It Came To COVID 

And yet none of these media people -- remember Adam Schefter at ESPN compared having the NFL Draft in 2020 to the Kennedy assassination! -- have ever uttered a word to acknowledge their wrongness.

Why is that?

Because it's not just that they were wrong, it's that all the rubes and rednecks who are fans of sports were right, it was safe to play football during Covid. Everyone who argued otherwise -- and demanded the testing of players and coaches and then demanded that they get the Covid "vaccine" -- they were wrong on all of it. And that awful bastard Clay Travis and his awful "hate" site OutKick was right.

The wrong people were right.

If I'd been on the wrong side here and they'd been on the right side, they'd all have given themselves journalism awards for their bravery.

But we're right and they're wrong?

Covid, what Covid?

To this day none of them, to my knowledge, have ever admitted they were wrong.

Not one of them!

Because elite media demands conformity, you have to be on the same team on the issues that matter or you risk ostracism and exclusion.

Again, it's not just that all those people were wrong, it's that the wrong people were right.  

By the way, as much as I wish it were true, this doesn't mean I'm always right.


I'm wrong about my gambling bets, I'm wrong about who will win games straight up even without considering the point spreads, I thought there would be a red wave election in 2022 and I was wrong on that, I didn't believe the Caitlin Clark hype and didn't believe she would move the needle for the WNBA or draw a larger audience than the men did for the NCAA final, I lost $50k trying to sell pants!, if you lived in my house you would hear from my kids and my wife that I'm wrong about everything all the time.

Every day I wake up and examine all my opinions, look at the data, read as much as I can from as many sources as possible, work as hard as I possibly can, and, guess what, lots of the time I still end up dead wrong.

That's life.

But here's the thing, being wrong isn't the worst thing, it's refusing to admit you were wrong that's much worse.  

Because if you can learn from being wrong, you can actually end up having a great deal of success in life. I get tons of things wrong every day. But I was right on two big things in my career: the founding of OutKick based on my thesis that the rise of social media would make distribution of a new independent website a winning proposition and how big sports gambling was going to be.

As a result, I made more money signing up people for FanDuel on Super Bowl Sunday 2021 -- $2 million that day alone -- than most people in sports media will make in the next 20 years of their career.

In 2011 despite busting my ass in sports media as hard as I possibly could for seven years, I had a negative net worth, was making $40k a year, and had just been fired by my sports media job at FanHouse.

Now I'm a hundred millionaire.

That didn't happen because I'm right on everything, it happened because when I'm wrong I recognize it, acknowledge it, and am willing to adjust my opinions as facts change. Because I acknowledge failure and work to address it. This is also, oh by the way, THE ENTIRE FOUNDATION OF HOW SPORTS WORKS!

No one loses every game and keeps the same game plan in place for years.

At least no one who wins.

But here's the other thing, taking ownership of your wins and losses, your successes and failures, it's actually beneficial to your career!  

Do you want to know why attacks on me never work, despite the fact that they've been trying to shut me down for 15 years now? Because my audience already knows everything negative anyone could ever write or say about me. I've shared it with you guys. Trust me, I really, really wish I hadn't voted for Gary Freaking Johnson in 2016. But I did. I was wrong, I own it.

I used to vote for Democrats until Democrats went insane.

Now I don't.

Maybe in 20 years Republicans will go insane and I'll end up voting Democrat again.

If I do that, I'll be honest with all of you about my decisions and why I've reached them.

The truth is, I'm a skeptic, I don't trust most "experts" because I think many of them are wrong. Why? Because in order to be popular and in good standing with the mainstream you can't rock the boat, you can't challenge the existing power structure, you can't be a disrupter, you have to agree with almost everyone on everything, even when you know it's wrong.

How else can you explain why 90%+ of male sports fans think men competing in women's sports is wrong, but OutKick is the only site which will say it?

Because others are afraid of stepping outside the left wing sports media orthodoxy.

Most people would rather stay quiet, even if they know something is wrong, than risk losing their job by speaking out.

Which brings me back to the Biden debate performance.

After Donald Trump was elected, the Washington Post wrote "Democracy Dies in Darkness" on the top of their newspaper. Then they went blind. They were so focused on the threat from Trump that they missed the threat from everyone else. They decided on the wrong villain and couldn't adjust their coverage when it became quite clear that Trump's attackers were putting far more of our nation in danger than anything Trump himself did.

The people who hate Trump actually did what they claimed Trump would do, they tried to put their chief political rival in prison and took as much power as possible. The greatest test to whether Trump was a dictator already passed. It was Covid. Much of the nation was demanding dictators then, they gave up most of their constitutional rights because of fear. What did Trump do? He DEFERRED TO MAYORS AND GOVERNORS.


Hell, you think Hitler might have used Covid to gain more power?

Of course, he would have.

Trump had the greatest opportunity in our lives, at least since 9/11, to take more governmental authority away and he insisted on federalism. Frankly, to the misfortune of many.  

But that's another story for another day.

What happened with all the Covid stories and all the Hunter Biden stories and all the Joe Biden health stories was this, the wrong people were right. A buddy texted me recently a link to the latest New York Times story on Biden's infirmities. He's a lawyer, several kids, works 80+ hours a week. He doesn't do social media because he doesn't have time. He follows ESPN for sports and the New York Times for politics, that's it.

I think he's the average busy guy in America. There are tens of millions of people like him.

He shared that New York Times link about Biden's quiet decline and said, "Can you believe this has been going on?"

He wasn't being sarcastic like someone who is super engaged in media would be when they shared this story. He meant it. He trusted the Times to tell him what he needed to know while he worked as hard as he could to raise his family and provide for them. He didn't have time to spend all day on Twitter like many of us in media do.  

And the Times 100% failed him.

(Side note, some of you will say, why don't you spend time on politics with him? Because I have tons of friends who vote differently than me. They can listen to my shows if they want, but I've had the same friends for decades. I don't add new friends that often. In my own personal life I'd rather just talk about sports and drink beer with most of my guy friends. I bet most plumbers don't talk about clogged toilets in their free time with friends either.)

But this is why I couldn't get past this thought over July 4th. We talk a great deal about how honesty wins. That the marketplace of ideas will ultimately triumph. I believe that. I like to believe my own career and OutKick's growth from nothing to one of the largest sports and culture sites on the American internet is evidence of that being true, but what if that's only true for half the country?

Whatever you think of my radio show and this website, it exists downstream from culture. Everyone who reads OutKick knows the prevailing left wing opinions, they're everywhere. Even if you hate their ideas, you know what left-wingers think.

But at least half the country still has no idea what we think because the far left wing controls so much of our discussion.

Far left-wingers don't engage in public and spirited debates with anyone other than far left-wingers, they don't even allow our opinions to be uttered on their airwaves.

The shocking thing isn't that Joe Biden is in incredibly poor mental and physical shape, it's that anyone ever argued he was in good shape, much less for years at the height of left-wing media power. And even worse, that lots of good people believed those lies until 10 days ago.

Final thought on this, I've got an idea. What if everyone spent more time talking about their biggest failures, the things they have most gotten wrong in their life? What if we mainstreamed discussing failure across all of society? Heck, what if we, in media, just started talking about failure like other serious industries do. What's the first thing we do when a plane crashes? We exhaustively examine the failures of that plane flight to try and ensure that specific failure never happens again.

As a result, airplane travel has become incredibly safe, far safer today than it was when any of us were born. Yes, mistakes still happen and lives are still lost, but when they do, for the most part, no one runs and hides from it. They examine every single detail until we can pinpoint what went wrong and fix that issue to ensure it never happens again.

I don't own the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, or CNN, but I used to own OutKick. If OutKick got any story as wrong as all these outlets got Covid, the Hunter Biden laptop and Joe Biden's health, I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

I would feel like I failed all of you.

And I would have.

And I would work as hard as I possibly could to fix all of it.

Why does that shame not exist in these outlets? Why is there no clamor to fix their errors?

(Some of you are going to come after Fox News here. Personally I don't think Fox News did anything legally wrong in its coverage of the 2020 election and I think the Supreme Court eventually would have agreed too. I understand why it settled -- it eliminated an uncertain outcome -- but I believe they would have won this case at the Supreme Court. Again, that's entirely my personal legal analysis based on my personal knowledge. I wasn't involved in that case because OutKick wasn't owned by Fox at the time. But even if you do feel that the network was wrong, Fox News paid a huge price for its 2020 election coverage. Personally, if you had to line up OutKick, the New York Post, the Wall Street Journal and Fox News and ask how these four outlets did on the news since 2020 compared to the "mainstream" outlets that all gave themselves innumerable awards, I think our truth and accuracy would be far higher. I know OutKick's would because I've worked tirelessly to ensure that for over a decade now.)

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Yet the Washington Post, the New York Times, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNN didn't just get everything Covid and Biden wrong, they GAVE THEMSELVES JOURNALISM AWARDS FOR THEIR WRONGNESS.  

This isn't even the equivalent of studying why a plane crashed, it's showing up at the location of the crash, and giving the deceased pilot an award for fine flying.

It's the opposite of truth, rewarding and praising failure.

Until that changes, until all of journalism is willing to acknowledge journalistic failures and treat them like plane crashes, I'm afraid we're going to see far more Covids and far more Biden's.

But maybe, I'm wrong, maybe the Joe Biden mental and physical health stories will finally herald the re-examination of everything in newsrooms that should have happened after Trump and Covid.

I have my doubts though.


Because the half of the country that should be reading this story, won't even click on the link.


Because the wrong person and the wrong site is right.


Indeed, maybe the best way to end here is my solemn pledge to all of you via a line lifted from the greatest orator of our times, Vice President Kamala Harris.

Outkick promises that we will remain, forevermore, despite all our growth and success, unburdened by what has been. 

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Clay Travis is the founder of the fastest growing national multimedia platform, OutKick, that produces and distributes engaging content across sports and pop culture to millions of fans across the country. OutKick was created by Travis in 2011 and sold to the Fox Corporation in 2021. One of the most electrifying and outspoken personalities in the industry, Travis hosts OutKick The Show where he provides his unfiltered opinion on the most compelling headlines throughout sports, culture, and politics. He also makes regular appearances on FOX News Media as a contributor providing analysis on a variety of subjects ranging from sports news to the cultural landscape. Throughout the college football season, Travis is on Big Noon Kickoff for Fox Sports breaking down the game and the latest storylines. Additionally, Travis serves as a co-host of The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show, a three-hour conservative radio talk program syndicated across Premiere Networks radio stations nationwide. Previously, he launched OutKick The Coverage on Fox Sports Radio that included interviews and listener interactions and was on Fox Sports Bet for four years. Additionally, Travis started an iHeartRadio Original Podcast called Wins & Losses that featured in-depth conversations with the biggest names in sports. Travis is a graduate of George Washington University as well as Vanderbilt Law School. Based in Nashville, he is the author of Dixieland Delight, On Rocky Top, and Republicans Buy Sneakers Too.