Jimmy Kimmel Deeply Regrets Emmy Stunt That Offended Woke Twitter

Faux outrage does not ease. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel is still expressing regret for a humorous stunt he pulled at the Emmy Awards.

Last month, Kimmel presented Quinta Brunson with the Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series during which he lay down on the stage for what he considered a comedy bit.

The stunt was neither funny nor creative. But that's hardly the point. Rather, Twitter accused Kimmel of exercising white privilege. The trolls said he took the moment away from a black woman and that makes him a racist.


Kimmel has spent the past five years catering to the woke crowd. So it's rather amusing to see the same vultures come for him so aggressively. Of course, these attacks have him a bit rattled.

He first apologized to Brunson on his show and asked those calling him a white privileged male for forgiveness.

“People got upset and said I stole your moment,” Kimmel said to Brunson. “Maybe I did and I’m very sorry if I did do that. I’m sorry I did do that actually and also the last thing I would ever want to do is upset you because I think so much of you. I hope you know that.”

Though that apology wasn't enough. When is it ever? Twitter is still coming for him nearly a month later.

This week, Howard Stern allowed Kimmel to explain the event that transpired. Stern, like Kimmel, has had to learn the rules of wokeness over the past years.

During the interview, Kimmel explained that he misjudged the moment and regrets that.

“How I visualized this happening is he drags me out, we read the winner, and then I’m just basically just out of the shot, and it’s not really a factor,” Kimmel told Stern. “But the stage was very different. The stage was like a catwalk. So, I was kind of in the way, in a way I didn’t imagine.”

“Some people read racial stuff into this, and everybody has their own perspective, but the fact of the matter is … this was a plan I had no matter who .”

The latter point is important. Kimmel did not orchestrate a plan to big-time a black actress. He had no idea the skin color of the eventual recipient at the time he planned the bit.

Kimmel might be unfunny, but he's not a racist or living proof of white privilege. Yet he made the matter worse by apologizing and expressing regret on more than one occasion.

If his stunt had offended Brunson, then he could have apologize to her privately. But -- and here is the kicker -- she was never offended.

According to reports, Kimmel and Brunson are friends and went backstage after the segment to chat, unaware of the controversy online.

Brunson did not know Kimmel used his whiteness to spite her.

This entire storyline is Twitter-made. No one involved nor in the crowd had an issue with the bit, other than it failed to spark any giggles.

There was a time Kimmel would have either brushed off the Twitter trolls or turned their phony outrage into a bit. That is the case no longer.

Twitter and apologies explain the death of comedy. Laughing might be a #whiteprivilege.

Speaking of laughs -- not one humorous clip emerged from a lengthy conversation between Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel. Imagine saying that 10 years ago.

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