Jim Harbaugh Helps Remove Fallen Tree While Gov. Whitmer Attends Musical As 500K Michiganders Are Without Power

In Michigan, some 700,000 residents lost power this week amid an unusual ice storm. More than 460,000 DTE customers are still in the dark as of Friday, days after the storm.

Various Michiganders have had to move throughout the area as they struggle to stay warm. The weather is frigid.

Some community leaders have gone out of their way to assist the area. That includes Michigan head football coach Jim Harbaugh.

Bodycam footage from the week showed Harbaugh helping a local officer move a fallen tree. The coach and Ann Arbor Police Officer Howard Cooper, together, removed branches from the intersection of Devonshire and Londonderry roads.

A worthy viral clip:

But as former Michigan gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon notes, not all notable Michiganders are as kind as Coach Harbaugh.

The governor of Michigan has shown no such concerns for the citizens who remain trapped without power. While Harbaugh is out on the road cleaning up trees, Lockdown Lady is rocking out at a musical with her gal pals.

The Midwesterner reveals that Gretchen Whitmer (D) attended "Jagged Little Pill" at the Fisher Theatre on Thursday as 500,000 residents are stuck without power in the cold.

Whitmer posed for a photo to celebrate the groovy night:

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Now, we don't take this moment to exonerate Jim Harbaugh. As great as it was to stick it to Ohio State the past two seasons, losing to TCU in the playoff hurt.

That said, we do take this moment to remind national readers that while Gavin Newsom and Andrew Cuomo drew the headlines, Lockdown Lady was just as tyrannical in her response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Whitmer implemented some of the most stringent restrictions in the nation, none of which slowed the spread, as she purported.

She barred Michiganders from using their boats, but for one specific individual: her husband. Whitmer gets out off control.

But, please, do not ask her about her failed policies. Technical difficulties are known to follow her at the most opportune times:


The witch-like smirk only adds to her aura.

Michigan deserves better, both in the College Football Playoff and in the governor's mansion.

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