Jim Gaffigan Flew Off His Rocker In A Rant On President Trump

Netflix star and comedian Jim Gaffigan fell into a Jim Carey-esque panic attack over Twitter discussing his opinion on President Trump. As if this country needed the input of yet another "coastal elite" worth $30 million. Well, according to Gaffigan:

The sky is falling!

Fascinating how much Jim Gaffigan knows about Democratic candidate Joe Biden when we, in fact, know nothing. He hasn't gotten out on the campaign trail to do what every other candidate in the history of the country has done: Debate.

The last time he spoke, the Democrats yanked him back into his bubble like only Willy Wonka could. Explains their need to hide him, but Gaffigan needs to stop the cherade. We know nothing about Joe Biden other than him forgetting where he is routinely and other or his flip-flop to defund the police. And that he was the one standing behind Obama with the teeth. Chills.

Jim Gaffigan hilariously mentions the economy "never coming back." What are the odds he thought this country would be in financial ruin a year ago? Pretty high. Celebrities continue to fail at understanding politics won't change their status no matter who the president is, so they have free rein to virtue signal towards their target audience.

Had to save this best one for last:

Not sure if Jim knows what "Cancel Culture" is, but he seems to forget people watch his comedy or do anything entertaining to do only that. Not for our hard-earned money to turn into a lecture. If people want to be lectured by a comedian over the politics they know know nothing about, they can head to CNN and wait for a guest appearance from Kathy Griffin or Ellen DeGeneres.

So long to your ratings, Jim!

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