Jemele Hill's New Book Ranks #2,961 On Sales Chart

Former television host Jemele Hill released a memoir a week ago. In "Uphill," Hill pleads she's a true victim of American society. She details her struggles in media, despite a $2 million-a-year salary. She declares white people privileged and even racist.

How's that for fall reading?

Hill and friendly media outlets have promoted her book heavily. Corporate journalists have published fawning reviews, noting her bravery. Twitter users say the book is a revelation -- proof that one can overcome a racist nation.

So, we were curious how a book of such nature would perform in the marketplace. We first checked the Apple Book chart. Interestingly, Hill's memoir never ranked in the top 200.

We then checked the New York Times Best Seller list. We couldn't find it there, either. Same with the charts at Barnes & Noble and USA Today. "Uphill" also did not appear among the top 200 on Amazon.

Why might you ask? Are KKKarens, as Hill calls them, keeping her new tell-all off the charts? Tough to say. But according to public data at Amazon, "Uphill: A Memoir by Jemele Hill" ranks 2,961st among all current books.

It ranks 161st among memoirs. 17th among Black & African American Biographies. 780th in Audible Books & Originals. 43,115th in the Kindle Store.

Again, 2,960 books are performing better than Jemele Hill's highly-promoted claim to victimhood.

Per Amazon's webpage:

Jemele Hill predicted a best-seller. Hey, at least she made the top 3,000.

Some current titles outranking Hill on Amazon include "Flash Cards: Sight Words." "Sight Words" contains only the following terms: And, All, You, and Go.

Similarly, Hill's memoir provides flashcards for the following: Racist, White, Privilege, and Trump.

Hence why "Flash Cards" ranks 90th in all books, while Jemele ranks 2,961st.

Do you have any interest in reading the textbook, "Spectrum 6th Grade Math Workbook, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Decimals, Math Equations, Percents, Probability and Statistics, Classroom or Homeschool Curriculum Workbook Edition"?

Because its sales outpace Hill by a substantial margin.

Despite what you hear on MSNBC, there's only a minimal appetite to consume content from an elitist who deeply despises people for their race.

Jemele Hill is Twitter famous. Outside of Twitter, she's painfully unpopular and cringe. She has failed at every recent stop, from ESPN to ViceTV, to CNN+ to her podcast on Spotify.

A television host turned social media race-hustler -- turned 2,961st-ranked author.

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