Jemele Hill Says Journalists Are Required to Bring Up Queen Elizabeth's 'Devastating Impact on Continued Colonialism'

Former television host and now tweeter Jemele Hill says journalists have a responsibility to cover Queen Elizabeth II's role in colonialism as they react to her death.

Here's Hill's reaction to the news that the Queen had died at the age of 96:

Hill is parroting the thesis of a pre-written hit piece that the New York Times had in the hopper for Elizabeth's death. The piece created the hip talking point on Twitter that the British Empire is pure evil and represents racism.

A Harvard professor called Maya Jasanoff argued in the Times that "We should not romanticize " ... because the queen helped obscure a bloody history of decolonization whose proportions and legacies have yet to be adequately acknowledged."

How do we know Hill copied Jasanoff? Because Hill isn't smart enough to come up with this reaction herself. Any tweet other than "this is racist" is above Hill's grade level..

She isn't the brightest user on the internet:

Hill likely thinks the monarch controls the government and citizens of the United Kingdom with absolute rule.

She saw a white woman receive praise online and had a fit. The only thing Jemele Hill hates more than white men are white women. Haven't you heard?

Hill once hosted the prominent 6 pm "SportsCenter." Now, she's a disgruntled social media user who exists only to vilify people for their skin color and deny progress.

Finally, there is no rule that says a journalist must insert a lowlight into the immediate moments of one's death.

We need not diminish every legacy we cover. Queen Elizabeth is a historical figure. She symbolized stability in an era of sweeping political change, as the longest-reigning monarch in British history.

She was a face of honor and dignity, causing far more good than evil.

We are allowed to acknowledge and appreciate that, even if verified race-baiting scums tell us otherwise.

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