Jemele Hill Reiterates Donald Trump Is White Supremacist, Says He Picks On Colored Reporters

ESPN likes to say they aren't MSESPN, the worldwide leader in mixing left wing sports and far left politics, but they clearly are MSESPN. And even though the president of the network, John Skipper, recently "resigned" for "substance abuse issues," don't worry, the left wingers are still in power at MSESPN.

In fact, they might even feel emboldened because they know ESPN has still never done anything to left wingers for expressing their political beliefs as widely as they would like.

How else to explain Jemele Hill's decision to go on Arian Foster's podcast and reiterate her belief that Donald Trump is a white supremacist as well as endorsing Foster's comment that Trump only feuds with "colored" reporters? In addition to those comments Hill refuses to say my name out loud, but rips me and suggests I pay particular attention to her mentions. This isn't true, when Hill called the president a white supremacist dozens of you sent me a link to her Tweet. Just like several of you sent me the link to this podcast. Thanks for being my eyes and ears, especially since Jemele blocked me on Twitter so I never see what she says now.

Both Arian and Jemele are welcome to say whatever they want about me, insults or otherwise, but I actually like both Jemele and Arian and certainly I've spent a decent amount of time around Arian and his family since his story was a big part of "On Rocky Top," my second book.

I also don't begrudge either Jemele Hill or Arian Foster from sharing their political beliefs. My issue with MSESPN has never been politics, it has been that only left wingers are allowed to be political and that if you have right wing opinions, you get silenced or fired. That's the exact opposite of a robust marketplace of ideas, a stifling one side's free speech and an enabling of another side's free speech isn't right.

But these comments are every big as aggressive, if not more so, than the Tweets Jemele Hill sent about Donald Trump earlier this fall.

I've done my best to transcribe the comments accurately -- there was quite a bit of cross talk so it was somewhat difficult -- and I've embedded the podcast segment on Donald Trump for you to listen to below as well. I always encourage Outkick listeners to listen to all comments in the context in which they were uttered.

So far as I know these are the first public comments I've seen Hill make about the Donald Trump imbroglio.

Here's that full segment of the interview, which is definitely interesting to listen to.

A couple of minutes into this segment Jemele Hill says of Trump being a white supremacist, "I thought everybody knew. I thought water was wet. I didn't think I was saying anything that was shocking. It (Trump being a white supremacist) had been said before and unfortunately people comb through your replies now and especially one person in particular who, you know, is kind of drumming this anti-ESPN, liberal ESPN, banging that drum that was like catnip for him. Right, catnip. And I refuse to say his name (it's me, Clay Travis, hi guys!) 'cause he don't deserve the publicity."

Arian Foster chimes in: "100, we ain't gonna bring him up." (Hi, Arian! It's me, Clay Travis. You and your family were in my second book and I hope you guys are having a good Christmas.)

Jemele: "So next thing you know, it has fully blown up. And, of course, it got ESPN's attention."

Asked specifically about her Tweets about Trump being a white supremacist, Hill responded: "I said what I said and I don't take it back. Like I ain't getting (I think she meant giving) a retraction. No, I never have and I never will."

At this point Arian Foster took shots at Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, who discussed Jemele Hill's Tweets in a press briefing: "She's so trash, I'm going to say it for you, she's so trashy."

Jemele Hill: "Obviously, I'm not the only journalist to be attacked by him."

Arian Foster, interjects, "And they're mostly colored people."

Jemele Hill: "There seems to be a commonality about all of them." (laughter)

And, scene.

Welp, there you go.

Things are really changing at MSESPN.

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