Jemele Hill, Donovan McNabb To Host Dishonest Special On Discrimination Against Black QBs

ViceTV is proudly sending around an email today announcing its upcoming special, "Fear of a Black Quarterback."

Jemele Hill, Donovan McNabb, and Shaun King are among the contributors. (It has been clarified that the Shaun King who will appear is the former QB Shaun King, not the fraud Shaun King.) We can hold out hope, though.

Looking forward to hearing Jemele's honest commentary, are you?

In a press release, Vice TV says the special will focus on "discrimination black players in position have faced" and how the "logline continues."

Continues, huh?

I get that there's a push to call all things racist, but these media hacks do such a poor job targeting their topics.

On the day of the NFL Draft, ESPN heavily promoted a column in The Undefeated that falsely claimed the NFL is trying to keep the QB "position as white as the painted yard lines on the field."

As white as the painted yard lines.

What in the hell?

By the way, Mac Jones, who is white, was ultimately drafted after both Justin Fields and Trey Lance, who are black.

The narrative that the NFL is holding back black QBs is also rather strange at a time when the highest-paid QB in the NFL, Patrick Mahomes, is black. In fact, Mahomes is the highest-paid player in NFL history.

The second-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Dak Prescott, is black.

The third-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Deshaun Watson, is black.

The fourth-highest-paid quarterback in NFL history, Russell Wilson, is black.


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