Jeff Saturday Getting Interim NFL Head Coaching Job Called Racist, But Steve Wilks Getting Similar Position Was Also Racist

The Indianapolis Colts shocked the sports world when they fired their head coach, Frank Reich, and hired an ESPN analyst, Jeff Saturday, to take his place. Saturday was the second interim head coach named this season, after Carolina fired Matt Rhule in October and replaced him with Steve Wilks.

Jeff Saturday has no football coaching experience above the high school level, but he did play 14 seasons in the league and also won a Super Bowl with the Colts. Of course, because Saturday is a white man, this was deemed proof of NFL racism by many in the media.

Here's a sampling of the wokes losing their minds over the unconventional hire.

Colts hiring Jeff Saturday as interim head coach is slap in the face of black coaches, writes USA Today Woke Hall of Famer, Mike Freeman.

From Josh McCown to Jeff Saturday — it’s impossible for black coaches in the NFL, says Deadspin's Carron Phillips.

There was a chance to cry racism, so obviously Jemele Hill had to get involved.

You would expect ESPN to jump all over the opportunity to play the race card. But this put them in a tough spot since Saturday was their colleague, you know, less than a week ago. But a few of them still tried to throw the R-word out there, albeit much more quietly than usual.

OK, so a white guy with minimal experience gets an interim head coaching gig because he's friends with the owner, won a Super Bowl with the team and is in the franchise's Ring of Honor. Pretty easy to cry racism here, right?

But this is where it gets interesting.

Carolina hiring black interim head coach, Steve Wilks, also proves NFL racism.

Yes, this was an actual take. It was repeated by several people. Don't believe me?

After Matt Rhule's firing, Steve Wilks steps into unwinnable battle too many black coaches have fought, writes Yahoo Sports Columnist Shalise Manza Young.

How NFL teams use black coaches to clean up their messes, opines Emily Giambalvo of the Washington Post.

Steve Wilks’ second chance as a NFL head coach comes with caveats, suggests ESPN's Jason Reid.

Perhaps that last one is not about racism at all, you might be thinking.

Well, in the piece, Reid writes, "Wilks becomes the latest black man to inherit a hot mess as an interim coach, and he’ll have to push multiple boulders uphill simultaneously to have a snowball’s chance of settling into the coach’s office."

To recap: white head coach, Frank Reich, fired. Jeff Saturday, white head coach, hired. Matt Rhule, white head coach, fired. Steve Wilks, black head coach, hired. Both instances prove how rampant racism is in the NFL.

So, if you're an NFL owner thinking about firing your head coach remember this: it's racist to hire a white man to take over. It's also racist to hire a black man to take over.

Good luck, owners!

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