Jason Witten In A Raiders Uni Is A Bad Look

Jason Witten in a Raiders jersey is just about as bad of a look as Jason Witten wearing that ridiculous hairpiece ESPN had him in during Monday Night Football broadcasts a couple years ago. I'd still like to know whether that was ESPN's call or if Jason felt pressured to wear a piece.

Whatever the case, we're here because Witten is now a member of the Las Vegas Raiders and it was picture day this week. Time to get those new shots that will go down in history with the rest of the athletes who finished out their careers in odd cities. I'm thinking Emmitt in Arizona. Jerry Rice in Seattle. Ed Reed with the Texans and Jets. Joe Montana with the Chiefs.

Witten, 38, needs 23 receiving yards to pass the 13,000 mark which is a solid second to Tony Gonzalez who sits at a staggering 15,127. Now for the bad news: Raiders fans won't get a chance to see the future Hall of Famer at Allegiant Stadium since the team decided to not allow fans in this season. You'll have to find a road venue allowing fans. Carolina on opening day, September 13, makes the most sense before teams get weirded out and stop allowing you in.

How I prefer to remember Jason Witten:

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