It's Racist To Talk About Benching Dak Prescott

My name is Travis Clay and I'm here to tell you that every white sports fan in America is racist.  

You can try and argue that you aren't racist, but that just makes it even more clear that you are racist. Because you know what white racists always say? "I'm not racist." 

Bang, you're dead. (And racist). 

So you can imagine how triggered I was when I took a break this morning from protesting on behalf of reparations and recounting racist white people's votes in Wisconsin and Michigan -- I'M WITH HER! -- and looked up at my TV screen and saw that Dak Prescott had a bad football game. And I just knew that racists like Clay Travis were already talking about whether or not he should be benched for Tony Romo, a white man. 

This is what happens over and over again in the NFL, a white quarterback takes a black quarterback's job on the football field even when that black quarterback deserves to keep it. The list is long and readily apparent to anyone who has been paying attention to the slavemaster's conspiracy: Robert Griffin III, Mike Vick, Kordell Stewart, Vince Young, Byron Leftwich, JaMarcus Russell, David Garrard and other black men who have been violated by white oppressors. All of these men would have been in the hall of fame if they were white.

But they're black. 

So they got benched. 

It's blatant racism.

Hell, Quincy Carter would have won four Super Bowls by now if Jerry Jones weren't so racist. #blackquarterbacklivesmatter

So I knew what I had to do as soon as I saw this story developing.

I had to make all you racists see what I see. 

It's so patently obvious what is happening here, white people want Dak Prescott out and they want Tony Romo in because this is what white people do, just take, take, take. Don't believe me. Ask the Cherokees.

AFTER ONE BAD GAME. Do you know how many bad games Tony Romo has had? Tony Romo defines bad games. He's so bad at quarterback that he found a way to cost the Cowboys a playoff game while holding snaps. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD THAT IS TO DO?

They put Michael Vick in jail for fighting dogs. If Tony Romo had been fighting dogs they would have given him the Nobel Prize. 

In case you haven't been paying attention Tony Romo is also 154 years old -- you think it's a coincidence that he's the same age as the emancipation proclamation? Of course not, just another white conspiracy, Romo is a racist sleeper cell -- and gets hurt every time there's a light breeze that blows past. And you want to replace Dak Prescott, a beautiful black man with the physique of a Brahman bull, with the dude on the Old Maid card?


Some people such as that notorious racist Clay Travis like to say that ESPN is liberal and call it MSESPN or EPCN, but I'm here to tell you that ESPN isn't liberal enough! So what if they gave Caitlyn Jenner an ESPY for cutting off his/her penis, that wasn't enough. She at least deserved the Longhorn Network for that.

Did you ever see Gandhi or MLK or Nelson Mandela cut their penises off?

Of course not.

Caitlyn Jenner's a true hero.

Just like my idol Fidel Castro. If ESPN really cared about not being racist they would do exactly what Castro did, be so far left that any opinion other than theirs gets you put in jail. And that's what ESPN should do. They should put Clay Travis in jail for even talking about Tony Romo being back in at quarterback.


Please, ESPN isn't liberal enough. 

Benching black quarterbacks is what slavemasters like Clay Travis and Jerry Jones do. Southern white men all think the world is a plantation. Because really what's the difference between the NFL and slavery? Aside from the millions of dollars a year in salary and the choice of whether to work or not, the NFL IS slavery.

Kunta Kinte and Dak Prescott are the same person, man! 

Follow me on my chain of thought here.

Jerry Jones?


Tony Romo?


Dak Prescott 


It's plain as day what's going on here! This is a white conspiracy, just like the AIDS virus. 

Open your eyes, people. Stay woke, fam!

Don't let Jerry Jones and Tony Romo and Clay Travis and every white sports fan in America -- all racists -- get what they want.

Fight the power!  

I'm with Dak. 

And unless you're racist, you should be too. 

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