It's Nice To See Aussie Rules Football Guys Bloodied & Punching Each Other

It's Friday, you've been beaten over the head this week by topics that depress you, make you angry and you just need a release. I have just what you've been waiting for -- Aussie Rules football guys shoving, punching and bloodying each other during a match this morning/evening in Australia. That's right, guys not wearing masks just pissed off at each other and letting it out.

It's been too long. We need this from the Dogs and Giants. Rage! Rage! Rage!

Look at this guy. You think he was happy to be cooped up in his Australian residence during Covid? That's a caged animal ready to RAGE! It's like watching a Covid-19 era Facebook comment fight in action and it's beautiful.

And if you thought sports would go soft without fans screaming in the stands, keep in mind all of this went down without fans in the stands. That's how much RAGE! these teams had towards each other. Now I need Eagles-Cowboys. 49ers-Raiders. Browns-Steelers. I need those games where loose cannons can go off at any minute, especially now that they've been filled with Covid brain and just need the candle lit. At this point I couldn't care less about baseball, give us football and the year won't be a total loss.

As for the AFL match, the Dogs won.

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