Iowa JV Football Game Called In 1st Quarter After Learning Of COVID-Positive Case For Kid Not At Game

An Iowa junior varsity game was called off during the first quarter and canceled after it was revealed one team had a positive test result come back for a kid not playing and not at the game. According to media at the game between North Scott and Muscatine, the teams were taking a water/sanitation break when word came in that a North Scott player who hasn't been on the field since Monday, and hasn't been with the team since Monday, got a positive test result back.

Again, the game had already started, the player was reportedly not with the team and hadn't been around the team since Monday.

The coaches came together and called the game. "It's better safe than sorry," Muscatine JV head coach Scott Mauck said.

As for the varsity game, it was played after the JV game was canceled with North Scott shutting out Muscatine 26-0.

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