Invasion At The Border Ignored By So-Called Journalists: Tomi Lahren

Illegals are so emboldened, so shameless so protected, coddled and comforted by this sham administration they are now making a literal run on our border.

It’s time for Final Thoughts.

Well folks, take it all in. Illegals are now quite literally bum-rushing our border in the hundreds. 

This massive group bombarded Mexican authorities on the other side of the border before stampeding their way to the Paso Del Norte bridge in El Paso. 

This footage was provided to our own Bill Melugin - one of the only reporters who actually gives a damn. 

While the Hollywood elites were strutting their happy asses down the champagne carpet at the Oscars, and while other so-called journalists stood by to gush and ask pointless and inconsequential questions, Fox News and Bill Melugin cared to cover the literal invasion at our southern border. 

It’s bad enough illegals are allowed to stroll in here and now, go figure, they are so entitled, lawless and emboldened they won’t even wait to be escorted in, they’d rather forcefully enter this country and do it without a shred of integrity or respect for this country they will now- thanks to Joe- call home. 

And our poor CBP officers. They’ve been left out to dry by Joe and I can’t even begin to fathom how utterly sickening it must be for them to watch the country they swore an oath to defend be invaded and invaded so brazenly and shamelessly. 

And we all know the moment they use any force or measure to prevent this large scale stampede, they will be the ones sidelined, investigated and demonized endlessly. 

This is such a crock of crap. What you allow, continues and the Democrats have made it crystal clear to the rest of the world, come one, come all and do it with zero, zippo, zilch regard for laws or the sovereignty of our nation. 

And ya know what’s worse, half or more of this country doesn’t even give a damn. 

You know what’s going on at the border, you know how much it's costing each and every one of us- over 180 billion a year or more- and some of ya just don’t care because you don’t think it impacts you. Well brace yourselves, because it’s all about to come home to roost and roost right in your backyard. 

You think the run on the bank was bad, take a look at the run on our border. Two years into this administration we’ve already allowed millions in, does anyone really think these people are gonna stop coming?

I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it, every person in every craphole country around the world will be en route within the next 2 years- and they’ll pay the criminal organizations that are killing our people- to do it. 

These people aren’t coming here to earn the American Dream, they are coming here to forcefully take it. 

We are a nation of immigrants but we used to be a nation of laws. 

Under the Democrats, we went from peace through strength to the doormat for the rest of the world to walk on. 

Oh but I’m sure some film no one has ever actually seen won best picture or something last night so yay.. bury your little heads back in the sand another day. 

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