Internet Detectives Think DC Sentinels Could Be New Washington Football Name [UPDATE]

When we last left off with the Washington football team name, a determined trademark troll was filing every possible team name in sight, threatening to make the transition process stuck in the mud indefinitely.

Well, with that obstacle in place, there are some people that think Daniel Snyder and co. might have found a name that they like but is not tied up -- the DC Sentinels:

Sentinels, a nod to troops, was the team name in the movie The Replacements, which starred Keanu Reeves and came out in 2000.

This team name would be fine, though I am of the opinion that they should go by the name Washington Football Club. However, one thing that could sway me -- and I recognize that Snyder probably hasn't been having sleepless nights waiting for the opinion of Ryan Glasspiegel on this matter -- is that I absolutely love when Reddit detectives uncover a secret like this.

UPDATE: Welp, nevermind, says ESPN's beat reporter for the team:


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