Influencers Still Getting Content During Difficult Times

It doesn't take a genius to know we're living in difficult times unless you've been in a coma and haven't come out of it yet. Leave it to the influencers to show up during difficult times to capitalize on the moment for content purposes. It's early, but we have two early content producers battling it out for influencing supremity in Santa Monica where you have to keep the social channels firing on all cylinders and the pressure is immense. I'm going to need you guys to let me know other instances of this happening across the country as I track this phenomenon -- DMs are wide open if you need to go that route @JoeKinseyexp.

First up, let's go to Wilshire & 4th in Santa Monica to the T-Mobile store that had its front windows blasted out.

Update: one influencer has been outed & she apparently lost her internship.

Typical Google Streetview day at that location:

And here's the same T-Mobile on Sunday:

Staying in Santa Monica, we head over to 6th & Broadway where a worker was boarding up a Umami Burger joint and took time out of his day to let a woman pose with his drill for a piece of content. It is very nice to see how cordial the woman is to the worker. Refreshing.

Typical Google Streetview day at this location:

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