Incredible Bulk's Latest Hateable Moment

Bryson DeChambeau's latest hateable moment came during today's round at the Northern Trust when he had words for someone off-camera who caught the wrath of the Incredible Bulk. "Do you mind talking a little quieter over there, please? I can hear you from all the way over there, sound travels," he said as he walked to the 7th green.

Even through nine holes as I type this, Bulk made par at the par 5 7th. You have to believe Bulk wasn't in the mood for some chitter-chatter as he pitched his fourth shot. I fully expected this to be an eagle pitch, but Bulk's just struggling out there today.

It's normally a rules official or fire ants catching a protein shake rage from the 8th ranked player in the world. I'll give the PGA full credit -- they have a hateable character and that's exactly what the sport needs. Bryson's hateablility (is that a word?) makes him a must-watch no matter how bad Twitter nerds want to act like he's the worst.

Trust me, there's a PGA executive somewhere out there hoping for Bulk to rage fight Brooks Koepka on a Sunday. Or at least get in each other's face at No. 16 as they come home in the final group.

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