In Cancel Culture Attempt, Far Left Writer Calls Tony Dungy 'Right-Wing Zealot' for attending March For Life

Tony Dungy is certainly about to learn one of the more obvious revelations over the past few years. The far left progressive ideology actively despises freedom of speech.

That's one of the many lessons to take away from the hyperbolic, deranged hit piece on Dungy from Dave Zirin at The Nation.

Zirin shores up his progressive bonafides in the first paragraph, calling the March for Life movement a "madhouse" of "disinformation addicts," among other pejoratives.

"I’ve covered the March for Life in Washington, D.C., for years. It is a madhouse of right-wing gadflies, disinformation addicts, Qanon adherents, and, most disturbingly, class after class of teenage and tween-age children dragged there by teachers who abuse their authority in ways that would make Ron DeSantis smirk," Zirin wrote.

Of course, the March for Life is nothing of the sort. Instead, it's a gathering of people with sincere objections to unchecked abortion. Their website, in fact, explains their goal to create "a world where the beauty and dignity of every human life are valued and protected."

But Zirin's commitment to disinformation is only outweighed by his awe-inspiring inability to have a sense of irony.

His inaccurate smears of the March for Life were mostly made to criticize Tony Dungy for his scheduled attendance at this year's event.

Unsurprisingly, Zirin also made further wild accusations, before immediately transitioning into advocating for Dungy to be fired for having the wrong political beliefs.

"This is a staggering indictment of the politics the NFL and the network’s partners allow and the kind that they condemn," he said.

Tony Dungy Contradicts Left Wing Consensus

Zirin didn't stop there, specifically saying that the league's silence, as well as NBC's, was essentially unacceptable.

"But their silence speaks volumes. It’s a silence that’s almost as loud as Dungy’s hateful blather, almost as loud as the thousands of people descending upon Washington—some mandatorily—to celebrate a fascistic, discredited Supreme Court and the loss of our rights," he wrote.

The entire article is full of such nonsensical ravings; Zirin though makes several unjustifiable, ridiculous claims in this paragraph alone.

Naturally, he calls the Supreme Court "fascistic" and "discredited," an extremist position untethered from reality.

The Supreme Court's decision is democracy and the U.S. government functioning exactly as intended. Congress makes laws, the executive branch enforces them, and the judiciary decides whether or not they're constitutionally consistent.

But because the Supreme Court made an interpretation that Zirin disagrees with, it's now a fascist, discredited branch of government.

Except that under Zirin's apparent standards, only decisions that align with his ideological viewpoints should be tolerated or allowed. That is remarkably close to the actual definition of fascism.

Irony, as always, escapes him.

Anti-Free Speech

What this really comes down to is Zirin's unhinged hatred for those who disagree with him. Dungy publicly expresses viewpoints that he finds objectionable, an unspeakable crime in the anti-free speech, authoritarian left.

He recently argued against another nonsensical progressive assertion about the NFL and black athletes.


Being pro-life and anti-race baiting contradicts current liberal consensus, and thus should not be tolerated. Zirin despises such viewpoints, and therefore they must not be allowed.

And so, he believes he's justified in trying to get Dungy fired and silenced.

Zirin of course, tries to claim that Colin Kaepernick became a "pariah" after speaking his mind on politics. Except Kaepernick made millions per year from Nike, all because he told liberals that they were justified in hating America.

That's the modern left in a nutshell; freedom of speech for me, not for thee.

Conform, or be cancelled. Tony Dungy refuses to conform, and so "left wing zealots" and "disinformation addicts" like Zirin want him to be cancelled.

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Ian Miller is a former award watching high school actor, author, and long suffering Dodgers fan. He spends most of his time golfing, traveling, reading about World War I history, and trying to get the remote back from his dog. Follow him on Twitter @ianmSC