I'll Admit It, I Was Wrong. LSU Outclassed Oregon

Alright well I’m here to own my LSU-Oregon prediction. All of what I said was incorrect. Lee way outplaying Thomas, LSU wore down Oregon and LSU played smarter and more composed then Oregon. I didn’t see this smackdown coming, especially after Oregon lost to Auburn. I thought the Ducks would be fired up and make some adjustments up front in order to matchup with LSU. Instead Oregon looked nervous again, turned the ball over multiple times and had 10+ flags thrown against them.

Now the only thing SEC fans are going to agree with me about is that our cheerleaders are hot. I was at least right about that, right?  

Eight observations on the game and more:

-Going into halftime, I thought Oregon was the better team, (LSU had done nothing on offense) and would fix its mistakes and wear down LSU.

LSU had a few defensive linemen who were cramping and I thought we could use the pace to our advantage. One huge turning point in the game was the pass interference call on 3rd down in the redzone on LSU’s scoring drive to end the first half. If Oregon doesn’t commit that penalty, then LSU settles for a FG, Oregon gets the ball back with 2 minutes left and goes against a gassed LSU DL. That pass interference gave LSU another chance, they scored a TD, and Oregon ran the clock out to end the half.

-I give up and just need to accept that the SEC is the deepest conference in the nation.

Not much more to say there. Five straight championships, and the bottom of the conference is deeper then any other conference.

-Even though Oregon lost, I do think they end up a top 10 team and will run the table and play in the Rose Bowl.

Also just because we lost doesn’t change the fact that Oregon is awesome. I stand by the first part of what I said in the article. I don't know if LSU can run the table in the SEC, the conference is brutal, but they sure looked impressive, and deserve to be ranked number 1. Rankings don't mean anything in week 1-5 but they stepped up, played a quality opponent and not some powder puff.

-From the beginning you could easily see that LSU was much bigger at every position.

I talked to a teammate of mine about the difference in size and speed between conferences. He explained to me that teams in the SEC and some in the ACC, take guys on defense who are safeties, put weight on them  and make them OLBs. They take OLBs, add weight and make them DEs, DEs to DTs. This makes perfect sense and you can see it on the field.

-No matter what level of football you play, the number one biggest factor in winning is turnovers.

This isn’t a big surprise, just thought it needed to be said.

-Boise St now controls its destiny.

They win out, they go to the BCS championship whether you like it or not. Their only tough game left is TCU, and TCU now doesn’t even look that great.  The three teams ahead of them, Oklahoma, Alabama and LSU have tough schedules ahead of them, they are bound to lose a game. I say you finally let them into that game if they are undefeated and see if they can win or not.

-One thing that is awesome about college football and what you don’t get in the NFL, is massive comebacks.

You’re down in the NFL by 14-21 points in the 3rd  quarter, your chances aren’t very high to come back. In college football, you can be down 24-27 points in the 3rd quarter, and come back in a blink of an eye. That is what draws people to the college game over the NFL, the chance at upsets and high scoring. 

I play in the NFL and I'd still rather watch a good college game on television.

-This last part is up to you guys, the readers. I’m out for the season with an injury, and I have issues with being bored.

So to combat the fact that I won’t be practicing, meeting or playing, I will spend my time watching every single college and pro game I can fit into my nonexistent schedule. I’m even playing fantasy football this year for the first time. So I propose a weekly, maybe bi-weekly column where I can answer your questions about football. Even though I failed miserably in my prediction of the Oregon game -- aside from the Oregon cheerleaders analysis-- I did get the Boise St game correct.

I do know much about the game, scheme and the inner workings of the NFL. I even follow baseball closely. So I need you guys to either respond to this column with a yay or nay, email Clay or hit me up on twitter if you would like this.


I need this.


Note from Clay:

OKTC will have a flood of content starting this evening. So, don't worry, come Tuesday when most of you are back at work, there will be a ton of ways for you to while away your time. But until then, I'm spending today with the wife and family and recovering from a weekend with LSU fans.

Hope y'all have a great Labor Day.  

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