If ACC Does Conference-Only Football Games, Notre Dame a Likely Exception

The Big Ten is planning to only do conference games this college football season. A question we raised about that was what about Notre Dame, which has no conference affiliation but plays Wisconsin?

While that answer is still unclear with regards to the Big Ten, we have an answer with what the ACC expects to do with their Notre Dame games:

It now seems that all the dates of the college football schedule are in flux, but here are the ACC games Notre Dame has lined up this season right now:

It is going to be absolutely wild to see how this college football season winds up shaking out. I continue to believe that they are going to play in the Fall, but right now it appears as if things are trending in the direction of about a month of delays. This logic is based on the idea of out-of-conference games, which traditionally happen in September (except for Notre Dame, which is conference-independent in football), being eliminated to buy some time.


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