Herschel Walker Discusses The Battle For Women's Athletics, Latest Georgia Bulldogs Ranking: Clay and Buck

Legendary Georgia Bulldogs running back and Republican candidate for Georgia's Senate seat Herschel Walker joined The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show on Tuesday.

Walker, Clay and Buck discussed the ongoing battle to keep men out of women's athletics, along with expectations for Georgia football in the upcoming season.

Clay first spoke with Herschel: "I'm not sure if Reverend Warnock has gone on the record with this, but I know John Fetterman, who is running up in Pennsylvania, has said that men who decide that they are women should be competing against women.

"This is the Democrat talking point now that men can get pregnant. Did you ever believe that we would be having conversations about men deciding, 'Hey, I'm going to go compete against the girls and I'm going to use the girls locker room' and things like that? And that you would have Democrats arguing that men can get pregnant, too?"


The former Heisman running back responded, "Well, you know, it is totally disturbing when you have someone in Washington arriving at a point like that that is totally disturbing."

"Do you think you want Herschel Walker competing against your daughter?" Walker asked.

"We need leaders in Washington that are going to go to the table and make the right decision and Reverend is not doing that."

Clay also discussed the recent top-25 college football poll, which lists the defending national champion Georgia Bulldogs third behind Alabama (#1) and Ohio State (#2).

"What do you think about Georgia being ranked third behind two teams that they were much better than last year?" Clay asked Walker.

"I think Georgia has something to shoot for. And I think that's what's going to make it exciting," Walker assured.

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