Harvey Updyke's Dead, Tom Brady's First Action 20 Years Ago Today & Target Trick Shooting

I did watch quite a bit of Clippers-Lakers, but I missed the anthem thing

Full confession this morning: I tuned in to see what a regular-season NBA game inside the bubble looked like and felt like on TV, specifically because it was on TNT and I like the TNT production, Shaq, Ernie, Charles and Kenny. Now, I didn't tune in to see the anthem and all that stuff so I'll leave that analysis to Clay. Based solely on the game that I saw there are a couple of things that stand out.

Now I know most of you guys are boycotting the NBA and have no interest in the game, but as a member of the internet media, I have to tune in to record these moments in history. I have to be informed, so I had to watch. Will I watch when the action moves to ESPN? Only if it's some important playoff game. Most likely I'm heading over to the NHL because the playoffs start Saturday with FIVE games from its bubble. You'll get puck drops from noon until 10:30.

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