Han Solo Is Still Swaggerjacking the Universe

I love Star Wars. 

And my boys love Star Wars too. 

We're already counting down the days until episode 7 is released.

My four year old thinks Han Solo is the greatest human ever -- he's not wrong -- and when he just watched this preview video and saw Han Solo and Chewbacca at the end he started sprinting around my office waving his hands. 

My four year old loves Han Solo so much when we watched Indiana Jones he said, "Why is Han Solo pretending to be Indiana Jones?"

I love Han Solo too. 

Name a more bad ass movie line than Han Solo's in "The Empire Strikes Back" as he's being lowered into the freezing chamber. 

A tremulous Princess Leia calls out, "I love you."

Han Solo's response? "I know."

Best. Movie. Line. Ever. 

Anyway, you're going to be running around waving your arms in the air like crazy by the time this preview ends too. 

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