Gronk Tries To Lure Julian Edelman Out Of Retirement -- Again

We all know that Tom Brady was instrumental in reeling former Pats TE Rob Gronkowski out of retirement and into Tampa Bay. The scheme worked. The dynamic QB-TE duo reunited with the Buccaneers and won yet another Super Bowl together. It seems all these guys do is win.

But now, Gronk -- who still hasn't committed to returning to TB himself -- wants to turn their tremendous twosome into a tremendous trio and bring former Pats WR Julian Edelman down to Florida for at least one more fantastic voyage. Per, Gronk says that if Edelman agrees to jump aboard the Bucs' ship, he'll do the same.

“If Julian signs with the Bucs right now, I’m coming back for a whole year. Hands down,” Gronkowski told Sports Illustrated. “I was just with him last night, and he needs to sign with the Bucs.”

Though he said it in jest, we all know that behind every joke is an element of truth. So if Edelman, 35, wants Gronk to suit up once again, then he knows what he has to do.

Edelman, however, sounds quite serious when he has insisted he's "a one-team guy," meaning that he'll live and die as a New England Patriot and that he won't consider coming out of retirement for the Buccaneers, even though many ex-Pats are now on that team.