Gov. Ron DeSantis' Pro-Police Payment Welcomes 12 NYPD Officers To Florida

New York police officers fed up with maltreatment and mandates are accepting an invite to Florida, offered by Governor Ron DeSantis.

To combat the nonsense started by officers losing their jobs over vaccine mandates, DeSantis announced a $5,000 payment for any officer, nationwide, willing to transfer to the Sunshine State after receiving the boot for not getting the jab.

This week, 12 NYPD officers reportedly accepted DeSantis' incentive and will pursue transferring to Florida — also motivated by the difference in treatment experienced in the Republican state and their former home. And more are expected to join the transfers.

As detailed in the New York Post report, one former NYPD officer — Matthew Spoto — was amazed by the difference in treatment for law enforcement in Florida, compared to his tenure in the Big Apple. The officer described the welcome as “an eye opener,” and admitted to feeling "ashamed to be a law enforcement officer" back in New York.

Gov. DeSantis previously spoke with Fox News to expound his opposition to vaccine mandates keeping much-needed police officers off the streets.

“Our policy is very clear we’re gonna have a special session, and we’re gonna say nobody should lose their job based off these injections," Desantis said, "it’s a choice you can make, but we want to make sure we’re protecting your jobs and your livelihoods.”

“NYPD , Minneapolis, Seattle, if you’re not being treated well, we will treat you better here. You can fill important needs for us, and we will compensate you as a result,” the govenror added.

DeSantis additionally gave Florida's first responders a "$1,000 pandemic bonus in May," according to the Post.

Vaccine mandates have been a hinderance affecting police departments across the U.S., already following a contentious 2020 that already led to numerous officers quitting during the violent George Floyd riots.

Metropolitan cities in Blue states have presented the biggest obstacle for police departments, such as Los Angeles County, which put 18,000 jobs at stake over rejection of the vaccine requirement.

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