Gay Men, Christians, And Others Living In Fear Of Execution From Taliban

While modern American leftists lament their faux victimization as citizens of the freest country in world history, actual victims are piling up in Afghanistan because of their lifestyle and ideology.

Descending upon innocent Afghans like a modern-day plague, the Taliban has reportedly been traveling door-to-door looking for any evidence of lifestyles that contradict their strict Islamic faith. American sympathizers, like interpreters and diplomats, are being hunted and tortured. Citizens are being questioned for any association with Christianity. And the country’s small yet vibrant gay community has been forced into hiding for fear of mutilation or even death.

Not that it matters, but a death sentence from the Taliban carries with it pain and suffering completely unimaginable by any American special interest group who believes themselves to be ‘marginalized.’ In July, German newspaper Bild reported that a judge from the radical Islamist group vowed to sentence gay men to death by stoning or by being crushed by a nine-foot wall.

The fear of being outed as anything that the Taliban could construe as problematic is also leading to a mass exodus from universities, both for students and professors. Citizens simply don’t feel that public life outweighs the risk of a whimsical execution from the Taliban regime.

"It's not hyperbolic to say that gay people will get weeded out and exterminated by the Taliban, just like the Nazis did," Nemat Sadat, an Afghan LGBTQ advocate living in America now, said. "People are messaging me saying, 'Here's my passport, here's all my information, please get me out of this country, I'm going to die.'"

Imagine your entire life coming to an abrupt halt overnight and that one knock on the door could be the end. It’s a terrifying tyranny that Americans have never had to face, thanks to the bravery of our military and a dedication to exceptionalism. The freedom to be what you want, and more importantly, become what you want is a uniquely American gift that we should cherish.

Ironically, with such beautiful freedom comes the ability to choose bondage, and instead of celebrating their lives, leftists pity themselves for everything that they are not. Hopefully the desperation and fear felt by actual innocent victims in Afghanistan right now will shake loose the mind-made shackles of just one leftist who realizes that he has spent too much of his own life torturing himself.

The victim class of America is a comedy troupe of bad actors. The real stories of oppression are unfolding a world away, and they’re terrifying. Keep them in your prayers because nobody deserves the horror that is befalling the real victims in these critical moments.

Photo by Najib Faizi/YouTube