Gary Player Posts Impressive LinkedIn Account, Annie Agar Recaps Week 4 & Ocho Visits Carson In Idaho

Bill O'Brien is officially finished in Houston

How bad was Bill O'Brien in Houston? He was 21-11 over the last two seasons coming into 2020. He lasted only four games (0-4) into the COVID era and swiftly got the axe. The Texans ownership group had no choice here. Bill was the GM and the head coach. Before Week 4, he took over more of the offensive play calling duties. The McNair family couldn't fire themselves, so Bill had to step on up and accept his punishment.

Now how long does Adam Gase survive in New York? The Texans will be out hunting. The Falcons could be on the prowl real soon too. Add in Matt Patricia and GM Bob Quinn on a flaming hot seat, and these bad teams are going to be a dogfight for the next great coach and GM. Here's something you'll be hearing soon: the next Kevin Stefanski. That'll be the hot name to which sports pundits will compare future hires.

The name to keep an eye on: Eric Bieniemy. Let the sweepstakes begin for Andy Reid's offensive coordinator. Houston's going to back up a truck piled high with cash. Now the question becomes, will any other team enter the race?

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