Gaming CEO Loses Job For Not Supporting Abortions

Elevating yourself atop a company is not a shield of protection. Instead, a promotion makes you even more vulnerable to the mob of woke losers. 

Look at Tripwire Interactive, a Georgia-based video game company. Several days ago, the now-former CEO of the company John Gibson tweeted that he was "proud" of the Supreme Court for not interfering in Texas' abortion law, which bans abortions when medical officials can detect a fetal heartbeat. Soon after that tweet, Tripwire announced that Gibson had stepped down.

In other words, Tripwire fired its CEO for not supporting abortions publicly. Companies in the public eye, of course, don't allow that. So if you work for one, and hopefully you don't, take notice. You could be next. 

Here is Tripwire's explanation, one that no one believes:

Alan Wilson, likely a saint.

It's disturbing that company arbiters -- most of whom are faceless -- allow CEOs to voice only one opinion. Companies across America would be stunned to learn that the country is divided on most hot-button topics. Meaning, views are not always either correct or bigoted, as these corporations pretend they are.

Tripwire has sent a message to an already weak batch of CEOs. Companies follow each other, and they have been put on notice: tweeting in support of pro-life causes is now forbidden. Executives answer to blue-checks on Twitter, Tripwire reminds us. They are powerless against them.

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