Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Reportedly Seen 'Making Out' With Top Aide

All Things Possible: Setbacks and Success in Politics and Life author and former New York governor Andrew Cuomo manages to eclipse his standard of sleaze as more details emerge from his sexual harassment probe.

Aside from being connected to 11 separate sexual harassment cases with female staff members, some of them former aides, the disgraced official is now being linked to having an intimate relationship with a former aide, 39-year-old Melissa DeRosa. She previously served as one of the Cuomo administration's top officials and was alluded to in a 143-page investigation report, per the New York Post.

Andrew's allure for his aide dates back to 2020, when the two were seen "making out on the sidewalk like high schoolers.” The witness was a female state trooper that joined Cuomo as part of his security detail on the romantic night out and has also joined the accusations made against the former governor. The report detailed DeRosa as "Senior Staffer #1."

“I had also heard that — again, rumor — I heard that there was a guy named here. I don’t know how to spell his last name,” the anonymous trooper claimed. “But he was driving once and saw Senior Staffer #1 and the Governor like making out. He was in the front seat. And Senior Staffer #1 was like sitting on the console kissing him.”

According to the report, Cuomo had been spotted joining DeRosa on several occasions, giving off flirtatious advances in some intimate settings. Though the identity of Cuomo's hookup was left out of the report, former staff members have attested to seeing the married DeRosa and Cuomo making out on the streets of New York, also caught retreating to his hotel room.

Cuomo's on-the-clock intimacy extended to several aides and female staff members averse to his physical harassment. As a result, Cuomo is facing one charge of a sexual crime, accusing him of "forcible touching."

According to OutKick's Bobby Burack, Cuomo may face "a maximum sentence of one year in jail" for the sex crime.

When the report on Cuomo's sexual assault cases emerged in August, DeRosa was one of the first people in his staff to jump ship when she resigned from her position days later.

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