Former NHL Star Sean Avery Convicted of Criminal Mischief over Scooter Incident

Former NHL tough guy Sean Avery has been convicted of criminal mischief relating to a traffic incident he had in New York City three years ago.

Back in 2019, Avery was riding his scooter in the Big Apple when he allegedly got into a heated argument with a driver over bike lane protocol. The driver, a local businessman, claimed that Avery then became so enraged that he damaged a door on the businessman's vehicle. The man also claimed that his young daughter was in the car at the time and was seated near the area that Avery attacked.

Though Avery faced up to three months in jail for the incident, he was sentenced to time served. The judge also issued protective orders for all the victims.

Which, considering Avery's track record, was a wise decision.

Avery has had several such mischievous incidents in the past. Back in 2017, he was arrested for throwing rocks at cars in Southampton Village, NY. Then in 2021 in West Hollywood, CA, he had two traffic encounters with the same driver, who captured this rather disturbing video after the second incident:

Avery also filmed a video afterwards to document his version of events:

Far be it for us to excuse the driver of a Prius, but Avery's involved himself in one too many road rage mishaps to deserve the benefit of the doubt here.

Avery, who spent just over 24 hours of his life in an NHL penalty box, should probably keep his hands -- and scooter -- to himself and show other motorists some general courtesy. The justice system will not always be so forgiving -- and jail sentences usually last longer than two minutes.

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