Former Broncos QB Manning Speaks Out On Aaron Rodgers Rumors

The Aaron Rodgers saga continues, and many think if there's a team that is still in the mix for his services, it's the Denver Broncos.

Orchestrating a trade between the Packers and Broncos wouldn't be easy, and of course the Pack would be moving their best player and multiple NFL MVP.

One Hall of Famer speaking out about Rodgers and the Denver connection is Peyton Manning.

Manning wrapped up his career with a Super Bowl victory with the Broncos, but he doesn't see Rodgers making the move to the Mile High City and having success.

The former QB appeared on MLB Network and said he feels that A-Rod will stay with the Pack and that no deal will happen to move him to Denver.

“I hope he plays somewhere this year. The fact that Aaron Rodgers might not play this year, I can’t fathom it,” Manning said.

“He’s too good of a player, too fun to watch for the fans. I personally hope it’s in Green Bay. That’s what I see him as. I hope they can make amends and work it out. That is team is so close, if he were to leave there it’d be a major change, obviously, for them.

"My gut is he’s not coming to Denver. My gut is Denver’s gonna have Drew Lock or Teddy Bridgewater be their quarterback. At this point, you’ve kind got to know what your plan is. You can’t be having a new quarterback three weeks before the season.”

With training camps closing in for the NFL, Rodgers has to decide whether he'll report or holdout if he truly wants a trade.

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