Ford Decides NOT to Unveil New Bronco on OJ Simpson's Birthday

Ford is bringing back the Bronco line of SUVs, and it's been something that people have been anticipating for several years. If you're 30+ in America, the first thing that will pop into your head when someone says "Ford Bronco" is the OJ Simpson chase, and the plan for the unveiling of the updated version of the car happened to fall on Simpson's 73rd birthday on July 9th.

Ford has changed the date to July 13th, and their communications boss Mark Truby tweeted that the initial unveiling date was an unintentional coincidence:

Meanwhile, since we're here, it warrants mentioning that Gabrielle Union bought Dwyane Wade a pretty insane custom Bronco for Father's Day:

Ford obviously made the right call here to change the date.

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