Florida Woman Arrested For Brutal Attack On Boyfriend's Testicle

It's Friday and Tiger Woods keeps going from out to in to out of The Memorial Tournament, so while we wait on Eldrick's weekend golf plans let's go down to Florida where Florida Woman went a little nuts (allegedly) on her boyfriend's scrotum during a domestic dispute that turned ugly. What's clear here is that Donika Shaniece Mays, 29, was arrested for ripping the skin off her boyfriend's right testicle.

That's right, someone looked at that testicle to determine the skin had been torn right off. According to the police report, Mays admitted to yankin' and shreddin' that testicle skin.

Let's get more disturbing details on this one:

I'm not saying attacking guys' balls is a trend here, but Mays was on probation for attacking a different man. I want you guys in the Tampa area to take a very close look at Donika Shaniece Mays. You need to keep your balls away from Ms. Mays. Think long and hard right now how it must feel to have the skin on your balls shredded off via her hands. I said THINK ABOUT IT.

While we're talking Florida Woman testicle attacks, never forget Florida Woman biting a camel's testicles after the camel sat on the woman who was trying to retrieve her dog. Go read that one.

Guys, don't get your testicles ripped off. You've been warned.

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