Florida Passes 'Parental Rights' Bill Banning Sex And Gender Education Through Third Grade

The Florida Senate putting the kibosh on gender and sex education for kids in kindergarten through third grade, passing the Parental Rights in Education bill on Tuesday.

Per Tim Meads of The Daily Wire, the potential law would forbid teachers of students in the aforementioned age range "from providing instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation, require schools to notify parents if there has been any change in a student’s physical, emotional, or mental wellbeing, and would also provide legal recourse to parents to sue if they believe a school has violated any of those agreements."

That's not all. "It would also teachers to withhold certain information from parents if there is a 'reasonable' belief notifying them would result in abuse," Meads wrote.

Of course, these types of bills always have at least one group opposing them, and the Parental Rights bill is no different. But those who oppose seem misguided, say supporters of the bill.

“This bill says parents your right to raise your children does not end when they walk into a classroom. This bill recognizes that parents are not the enemy,” Republican Senator Danny Burgess told NBC News, via Meads. “The bill simply says that there should be an age limit on certain discussions, it’s not a new concept, nor is it radical.”

American Principles Project director Jon Schweppe agreed.

“Parents shouldn’t have to fear sending their kids to public school in America, but they do because woke ideologues have become obsessed with teaching kids as young as five that they can change their gender,” Schweppe told The Daily Wire. “This bill doesn’t do anything the Left claims — kids can talk about their families, even if they’re LGBT. Classroom discussions can still take place about LGBT history.

"But this bill tries to provide boundaries, prevent unwanted indoctrination, and give parents more control over the upbringing of their kids.”

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