Finally, New York City To Phase Out Vaccine Mandate, Mayor Says

New York City, of all places, appears ready to phase out its vaccine mandate, if Mayor Eric Adams is to be believed.

During a press conference Wednesday, Adams suggested that New York is ready to begin phasing out the mandates that have been in place since the fall, opening the door for businesses to serve all customers, regardless of vaccination status.

This, of course, is particularly big news around the NBA, as Brooklyn Nets star guard Kyrie Irving has been forced to sit out home games at the Barclays Center, as well as any game played at Madison Square Garden.

Irving has gone on record saying he does not intend to get the vaccine. At first, the Nets announced that he would have to miss the entire season. Eventually, though, the franchise buckled and allowed Irving to play in away games only.

Soon enough, he could play at home too.

Of course, a lot of New Yorkers who are a lot less popular than Irving have also strongly opposed the mandates, which have impacted their own businesses and careers. Those without proof of vaccination in NYC have basically been shut out from NYC.

Apparently, that will all soon change, and once again, the Statue of Liberty will represent the land of the totally free.