Fight at Pool Hall from "The Color of Money" Sends 7 Family Members to Hospital

The Chicago Sun-Times is reporting there was a pool hall fight early this morning. It wasn't a fight at just any pool hall. It went down at the legendary Chris's Billiards where Paul Newman and Tom Cruise shot scenes for "The Color of Money." Newman would go on to win the Best Actor Academy Award for his role as Fast Eddie Felson, the former pool hustler turned liquor salesman in Martin Scorsese's classic film.

It sounds like a pretty calm Chicago fight. Minor injuries sounds like some black eyes, maybe a couple of cuts from broken bottles.

Just read those details. Early Tuesday morning, intoxicated, damaged pool cue. It's like they were trying to film "Rush Hour 4," not a classy movie like "The Color of Money 2."

I don't know why, but I suddenly have the urge to play some nine-ball in a roadhouse where it feels like a fight could break out at any moment. I haven't had an adrenaline rush like that since COVID took over.

Not filmed at the legendary Chris's Billiards, but still a great pool hall scene:

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