Female Boxer Ebanie Bridges Uses Weigh-In To Model Lingerie

Paige VanZant has company within the world of hot chick fighters. Female boxer Ebanie Bridges, a bantamweight with a career 8-1 record, is making a name for herself with her pre-fight attire and her big…fists.

And of course, that thong, thong, thong, thong. (Shout out to all the dudes who still have their Sisqo CD from the '90s).

Over the weekend, Bridges weighed in for her championship bout against Maria Cecilia Roman wearing little more than a pair of pasties and a strand of dental floss.

Her weigh-in provided fight fans with a knockout hours before either fighter stepped into the ring.

SEE Bridges' weigh-in wardrobe below:

Butt, wait there's more. Bridges then launched her bombs at Roman in the ring to claim the IBF title.

"I set a goal when I turned pro, I wanted to be a world champion. I grafted in EVERY area of my life that was needed to make this dream come true. I sacrificed SO MUCH. Cried so much. But NEVER stopped believing," the Blonde Bomber tweeted Monday.

Bridges may be new to the boxing champion circle, but she's always been a winner to content creators and perverts alike.

Your move Paige.


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